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Thread: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

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    DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    Good day.

    I’d like to share a healing modality that I have been using for some time now. I feel that it’s use goes extremely well with the NEW system and would benefit fellow energy workers on this forum. It is a very simple device, made on the cheap, that will scientifically create a vibrating field of the subtle energies locally in your room. Its use will make energy work with NEW effortless and continuous. I will describe, in minimalist terms, what it is and how to build one.

    This is a concept for a device that was originally documented in the 1950’s by a Western scientist named Wilhem Reich. You may have heard the wrong things about him or devices of this nature. His device Accumulates the universal life-force energy, the energy used in NEW, that has documented uses for treatment of mental, physical, or emotional problems/injuries for many decades now.

    I’m not talking about those overly expensive plastic pucks or pyramids for sale on the internet! Those things are strictly disinformation, detrimental, and don’t work like the genuine design later described.

    This is an extremely basic and bare-bones design using his concepts that I’ve thought of, but has probably been done before by others. It works extremely well for what it is. All you need to make one for yourself are three objects:

    A Mason jar (of any size, but large is best),
    A bag of 0000 grade steel wool
    A big bag of standard cotton balls.

    All the device is, is using the opposing energetic properties of layers of Organic and Inorganic materials stacked on one another. A device has as many interchanging layers as you can fit in a neutral container; the more layers you have the stronger the accumulating effect is. Thicker layers mean a stronger effect, thinner layers are less intense.

    Organic materials naturally draw in the positive life-force energy described by Wilhem Reich. Organic materials are things like cotton, cork sheeting, bee’s wax, etc. In our case we’re using the cotton balls for this purpose.

    Inorganic materials act to repel the life-force energy in a positive way. Inorganic materials are things like fine grade Steel wool, Powdered Iron, Fiberglass and Powdered Copper. Steel wool that is 000 or 0000 grade is the best for this purpose and should be used for the construction of your device.

    Putting interchanging layers of these two types of materials inside a neutral container (such as a glass Mason jar) will create a pushing and pulling effect of the life-force energy, kind of like putting magnets together, which creates a vibrating field of energy from the immediate surroundings and is concentrated around the center of the device. Energy is literally pulled and pushed from the surrounding environment (Universe) for this effect and changes the static properties of energy in that area to be constantly moving.

    (Just as a side-note about unsuitable materials for these devices: Aluminum and most resin plastics (Polyurethane) are NOT a suitable material for an Accumulator! These materials draw in Negative or Deadly life-force energy which is documented to be very bad for the health of a human being and should be avoided for construction of a device! This is why “Orgone Generators” for sale online are totally bogus, ineffective and dangerous; many makers of that crap insist on using only those materials!)

    How to build one!

    Building the device is too easy. In simplest terms all you do is horizontally line the bottom of the Mason jar with cotton balls and then add a layer of steel wool, of the same thickness, directly on top of the cotton balls. Repeat these two steps until the device is stuffed to your preferred vibration intensity or rate and/or to fill to capacity. Be sure to use an item to poke and move the layers to be even all around, to touch all sides inside the mason jar, or to compress the layers to fit properly.

    I have a few pictures to illustrate what things should look like generally in building one of these devices:

    Its important to NOT use your device(s) near Nuclear power plants, Cell-phone towers, etc, or other man-made high-intensity energy areas that will literally dump their negative and hazardous vibrations into your home and into your energy body! It may cause serious health problems!

    Normal city dwellings seem appropriate for the devices when heeding the warning above. Ideal locations for this device are in houses outside of the city or in large rural areas.

    Deconstruction of your device is always an option if things don’t feel right; use the golden rule of energy work and your judgement about how you‘re feeling!

    You will feel very similar feelings being around this device as when you started to use the NEW system on your energy body. Waves of energy will be going toward and away from the mason jar due to this pushing and pulling effect and this energy goes right through your energy body easily. Your body will naturally store this energy, without effort, as you’ve been doing manually with the NEW system. All that is really required is for you to target any area with NEW to be filled by the device using the room‘s energy. Simple!

    When you’ve completed the construction of your device you will almost immediately know that something is different around you. If you’re sensitive it may be intense at first, but you’ll get used to the constant feeling of being near this device. I will also say that plants, animals and crystals thoroughly love being around a device of this nature.

    Other than tactile things, I personally notice little shimmers and waves moving about the room visually as it alters the energies near the device, and I’m sure those better practiced with energy work on this forum would be able to see much more than just that.

    If you would like to know more, find more extravagant designs, or understand the history of these devices, I would highly recommend reading the book called “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook” by James DeMeo. It’s a great read on the real decades-old-science of subtle energies for medical purposes.

    This device is cheap and quick to build. It will change your NEW experience rapidly.

    Sure it looks like a really silly thing, but try it out and see for yourself.

    - Malathion.
    "Curvature of time - not a straight line." - Nik Turner.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malathion View Post
    All that is really required is for you to target any area with NEW to be filled by the device using the room‘s energy.
    let me get this right , this device sucks up the energy in the room and you can use that energy by focusing it into your body?
    that's it? that's all there is to it?

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    Well. the concept of the device is not really that it sucks up the energy for use like a vacuum cleaner, but rather that it heavily moves the energies in waves around the device. I'd say it's more like the effect of dropping a pebble into still water. It creates constant ripples around the center of the device in all directions and then they travel backwards in the same way at the same time. It pulses in this way at a frequency depending on the thickness and numbers of layers in the device that you choose during construction.

    The waves are consistent and do not cease while the device is assembled. The ripples of energy pass through you easily, using your focus helps to keep it where you want it to stay for energy raising purposes. It makes the more manual aspects of raising energy much easier. In fact it's so effortless you don't really need to do anything but sit near the device, but using the NEW system makes it's use more efficient for raising and storing energy or for other purpose commonly talked about on the forum.

    I hope this helps to illustrate the idea in better terms. But I'll stress that these concepts are extremely tactile in nature, and make much more sense when you see or feel for yourself in person. All I can really suggest is to build one if you want to understand what it can do for you.

    I'm willing to describe the ideas in different ways or talk about my personal experience or what others I've given the devices to have said if that would aid in further discussion.
    "Curvature of time - not a straight line." - Nik Turner.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    I'm making mine today , lets see how it turns out

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    I love this. I hope the following scientific specifics dont make it seem that I dont support this idea, far in the contrary.

    These are my side notes. One, that oxidizing steel wool (steel wool taken out of the bag) does release energy. Enough to even block powerful radio waves. I discovered this myself through my own experimentation a steel wool hat blocks 100% of radio waves, all the other assumed methods, wet towel, aluminum hat, was a sad 10% or less.
    Eventually the energy release stops when the outer layer has oxidized. However I dont know the reaction between iron and cotton, I'd bet the cotton extends it because it is treated or contains water.
    That was my research, here is a report summary from the science community I thought sounded like what you are saying:

    "Electron transfer reactions, reactions in which electrons are transferred from one reactant to another, constitute one of the broadest and most important classes of reactions in chemistry. This should not be too surprising when we consider the central role of the electron in chemistry. All reactions that involve oxygen, such as combustion and corrosion of metals, are electron transfer reactions. Biological processes, such as photosynthesis, respiration, and the breakdown of food molecules, are connected sequences of complex, electron transfer reactions that serve to transport and utilize energy received from the sun. Batteries extract the free energy from electron transfer reactions. In this chapter, we introduce this important field of study."
    here is the full adobe article:

    The most energetically powerful place I have been is called the three guardsmen; 3 small lakes on a high mountain pass. I was expressly aware it was something about the ground, medium size quartzy granite boulders surrounded in slowly flowing ultra pure water with a layer of moss covering the boulders in a blanket. It felt like the layers were perfectly arranged and acted like a battery. Woke up my psychichyness like crazy.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.


    This diy is great i will make one of those the next days and will try it out. If it works so well i will make some for my friends to.

    hope to hear your future experience with the device

    All the best

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    The steel wool actually blocked communication from devices at frequencies over 2.5 billion hertz (GHz) - xbox controller and cell phone 30kh-300ghz.
    2.5 ghz penetrates nearly all materials quite well. Whereas low frequency radio waves are easily blocked by anything conductive.
    I believe the wavy, fibrous texture of the wool helps to break up the signals, and the released energy amplifies the effect.

    Basically, rusting steel wool is the best shielding against any electromagnetic detriment. Comforting thought as the U.S. gov may one day decide to use their patented electromagnet based mind control tech on a large scale.-Yes my country blows.
    "Control Factor" isnt just a work of fiction, but a real possibility.

    As a side note anti radio wave measures like brass/copper mesh often do the opposite of the intended effect by bouncing and trapping waves inside the containment area- with the person trying to get away from them.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    I'm sorry to break this to you, but those "puffs" are not cotton. They're 100% rayon (that's right on the package label), and rayon is which is most definitely a synthetic material.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    Re: DIY: Cheap and Simple Subtle Energy Accumulator.

    Rayon is from natural sources, but is altered by chemical treatments.
    Dont they make cotton cotton balls?

    Well, it is still a good idea. I had a symbol on my robe that gathered energy, it was because I made it do so, it was just paint. At least this type of energy generator produces energy within the laws of physics.

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