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Thread: link for Awakening Kundalini program

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    Hi. Am a newbie and need help. I purchased the Awakening Kundalini program a week ago. As my I ternet is slow, I couldn't watch the videos. Have waited for the trial period to be over. I would like to have access to the program so that I can download it. Can I have some help, please ? Am eager to start the course.

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    Re: link for Awakening Kundalini program


    Go to the program page and you'll see that the download section now contains the videos that can be downloaded. These appear automatically once the 7 day trial is over.

    Let us know if you have any problems

    peace, robert

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    Re: link for Awakening Kundalini program

    Hi Robert
    I bought the RK program on Jan 1. I didnt get the access code (I raised a ticket then), and then on Jan 7 I requested that I be permitted to download the videos as my internet connection is slow and I couldnt watch the videos online. I raised a ticket then too. Then on Jan 8 I raised three tickets requesting cancellation of my order and refund. I received no reply. I fell ill and this went out of my head. Yesterday I was billed for the second instalment and it came as a shock. I am sorry but I really would like to cancel the order. I havent watched a single video to date. I also am physically not up to taking up any study now and am financially strapped. Will you pl cancel the order and refund the two instalments. In gratitude, Nimmoo

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    Re: link for Awakening Kundalini program

    if you have exceeded the 7 day trial, I doubt my partner (he handles the financial aspects of online sales) would allow a refund. This is clearly written into the agreement. He may allow a cancellation.

    Give me the email address and name you used to purchase this program, and whether this was paypal or credit card, and I'll see what I can do.

    I cannot do anything without the email address you used to create this.


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    Re: link for Awakening Kundalini program

    I have discussed this matter with my business partner and, unfortunately, we cannot cancel the payments after the 7 day trial has been exceeded.

    I can, however, help you in making sure you have proper access and download, which you had issues with before. But I need your email for this. Post it here, or in a private msg.

    When we can talk in private, we can discuss other options.


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