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Thread: Now new on the school curriculum ...

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    Now new on the school curriculum ...

    ... and it's really awesome!
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    Re: Now new on the school curriculum ...

    What is this meditation you speak of? It sounds like the kind of thing the ninja turtles did to magically speak to Splinter when he was kidnapped.

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    Re: Now new on the school curriculum ...

    Buzzccock, I just clicked on Awesome and the link came up. Just seems a wonderful example of ordinary mindful meditation.
    Maybe I'm missing something?

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    Re: Now new on the school curriculum ...

    Just in case anyone is confused, here's the link in full form (same as above, just spelled out):

    It's just more confirmation that meditation is good for stress, anxiety, and related issues. When the kids were taught to meditate (really, it seems to be just "quiet time", which is, of course, a form of meditation), there was a whole host of good turns of events, such as a decrease in violence, lower rate of suspension, and so forth. You should read the article for the specifics; this was just my tl/dr version.
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    Re: Now new on the school curriculum ...

    oh, I didn't even get the link, I was confused.

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    Re: Now new on the school curriculum ...

    ... and it could even bring world peace (?) ...

    From the 'Waking Times':

    Christina Sarich, Staff
    Waking Times We often feel powerless to change the violence we see in the world. We feel utterly destroyed when war tears through Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, or our governments put more ‘boots on the ground’ in yet another foreign country it has no business being in. The US has more military installations on foreign land than any other people, nation, or empire in history, but there is something even more powerful than this perpetual war machine. It is meditation.
    If just the citizens of the United States alone were to practice meditation for a mere ten minutes every day, concentrating on peace, the wars would lessen, and eventually stop.
    This is no bogus claim. It is backed by over 100 scientific studies proving that meditation stops war. It has been shown at Harvard, at Princeton, and Yale. Add MIT, and Stanford.
    Quantum physicist, John Hagelin describes the possibility to change the world’s peace barometer as such:“[With the use of meditation] there would be a radiated influence of peace that would affect the behavior of people throughout society. People would wake up in the morning and they would decide, “Hey, I don’t think I’ve got to kill anyone today.” What a novel thought – that with some expanded comprehension, with a less narrowly cramped, less narrowly self-centered, acutely stressed vision – that those desperate acts of terrorism simply don’t have a fertile field to fall on.” – [Source]
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