Hey everyone. Thanks for the information to the studies and research. Some of the things you mentioned I did not know however I have researched a lot about this stuff. I am aware that during the Cold war, the CIA put a lot of time into remote viewing and were able to find an enemy submarine. It was called called the Stargate Project. I have also met a guy that has been in the local newspaper of Bloemfontein in my country South Africa. The article was about how the police have used him to find bodies of people who have been murdered. I have also read about popular cases in America where people have used OBEs to help the police. Even despite all this information, there is a part of me that finds it hard to beleive (I was a materialist for many years). It is like what Susan said "unless you experience yourself you will never fully believe". I want to experience it but I cannot. For me that would be highly irresponsible and I explain why in my post http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?17800-Why-I-signed-up-to-this-forum.
I have this entity in my life that I am trying to banishand if I try astral projection, I may just open doors to this spirit. So that's why I am trying to find some one else that can have an OBE. That way I do not put myself under risk