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Thread: MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

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    MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

    I was excited today to see the trance work starts. I have been mediating the whole time I have been working through the exercises so "taming" my mind wasn't such a problem. I have always been a daydreamer so I take to this fairly well.

    HOWEVER, seems like I have been meditating wrong. Having to sit straight up in a kitchen chair changed the whole thing. I thought my recent problem with nodding off was just me being tired. It probably does have something to do with it, but when I meditated the way described in day 29 I had some interesting results.

    First, I never noticed how many times I tend to nod off. I was also able to concentrate better. I was concerned it would be so uncomfortable I wouldn't be able to relax but this wasn't the case. When the 20 minutes were up I opened my eyes and had to sit still for a few minutes. I was a little light headed and a tad disoriented.

    I did, however, find it difficult to envision the elevator. Not sure why. But if the experiences I have had so far are indicative, with a little practice, this too should be a very interesting experience.
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    Re: MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

    Quote Originally Posted by Ator27 View Post
    I did, however, find it difficult to envision the elevator. Not sure why. But if the experiences I have had so far are indicative, with a little practice, this too should be a very interesting experience.
    Simulating the falling sensation in my stomach area works better me to 'fall' into trance.

    On the other hand visualization, if not practiced before, may sabotage the trance practice. I was working with IHH before, and what i learnt from the visualization practices was, it is easy to use skill but hard to learn. First, i thought it is a function of eye or creative faculties of mind, inner image rendering faculty of the brain etc. but when i stopped to question the visualized image's existence it became much easy to use this skill. Imho, biggest challenge to occur in visualization is the inner conflict that prevents to acceptance of the image's existence, so visualization is a product of belief at the first place, then memory. And without it, the process becomes tiring and alerting (higher than slight discomfort) enough to prevent falling into trance. Try focusing on belly area to simulate falling sensation, and go easy on visualization.

    Also, the book underlines so much "Using Stone or Brick" wall to simulate the sensation of movement. If you use static/solid colored(like solid white) material, your brain assumes your imagination scene does not move, you are not going down.

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    Re: MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

    I tend to take these exercises at a slower pace. I'm still working the trance work. I'm having trouble with all the visualizations. It's been easier for me just to let my mind go blank. Occasionally I get a tilting or inner wiggling sensation but then I focus on it and blow it.

    So far trying any of the visualizations have been hard for me. I can't seem to coax out the vertigo sensation, and as I try, I suddenly realize the inner dialog has started up and I'm mentally speculating/reasoning about what I'm doing. And then I come out of whatever level of trance I have achieved.

    When I do get where I feel the rushing sensation, I either want to wake up or go to sleep. I'm struggling to stay in that zone.

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    Re: MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

    I read on one of these threads about putting yourself in your third eye when mediating. I don't profess to understand what that all means or the implications, but as I'm spending a lot of time working trance/meditation I have been giving it a try. To be honest, the only reason why I actually know where the third eye is is because of an aborted spontaneous OBE where it felt like something the size of my thumb was trying to push out from between and a little above my eyebrows. I say aborted cause it star
    tled me and before I could understand what was happening I realized I was fighting it and it was too late.

    Anyway, so as I have said, I have trouble with the visualizations from MAP during trance work. I tend to focus on them and begin the inner dialog. Today as I'm putting myself in that place I think my third eye is at I notice the hypnagogic background looks a little like an eve. Like looking out of one from behind an inside it. It's a dark circle ( cornea ) with a bright center. (iris ) and I see three faces very clearly in the center as if it were a distance away. And then.... I focus on it and come all the way out of trance. Nothing new for me.

    So I try again. Now I realize that I can fall as it were down a well. The hypnagogic background acting like a type of textured wall not unlike a well. Falling towards the open iris of the eye.

    I would like like to say I had some deep psychic experience but other than deepening the trance the faces never resolved further and I never made it to the bottom. It did seem to be a visualization that worked for me though.

    Thoughts? Should I not do this? I read in Mr Jordan's books the higher shakras should be stimulated last. I'm not even sure if I will be able to duplicate the experience if I try.

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    Re: MAP starting day 29 - Trance Practice

    I don't see why not. We're all different, what works for you works.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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