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Thread: Dental implants and kundalini?

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    Dental implants and kundalini?


    I wonder if dental implants would interfere with raising kundalini. Do you know?

    I found out I have a cracked tooth, with some infection and bone loss so my dentist told me it has to be pulled out, bone grafted and then implant inserted...

    I've been working on raising Kundalini and I don't want to do anything that might affect it.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    metal dental work can interfere with OBE, but I very much doubt this will interfere with raising kundalini because the processes are quite different, OBE vrs kundalini. OBE is much more sensitive in this area, and even wearing jewelry can cause problems there.


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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    I have a followup question if that's okay. I've had these 4 metal fillings in my teeth for about 15-20 years. So now I'm wondering how exactly do they interfere with OBE and is there something I can do to counter any interference?

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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    Thank you Robert!


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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    Given their age, I very much doubt they would interfere. In my experience, it is only recent dental work that causes problems.

    I usually recommend some extra energy work on the teeth, just brushing with body awareness. This usually fixes the issue.

    But, again, I doubt this would cause a problem.


  6. Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    In my experience kundalini energy can push forcely in jaw area
    causing presure in roots of teeth like some energy want to extract it
    (always i have got obe experience couple of days before "showing" me where energy
    Is going to work)

    Even one of my teeth just fractured, so you xan imagine how strong it could be.
    I had to apply filling but after
    2 years it just poped out. I can only recommend to care for your teeth because
    All "junks" need to be removed from this area and sometimes ammount of this blockages
    Could he transfered on physical plane

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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    What if you are missing some teeth!? Oh... nevermind... I was missing teeth when it happened.

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    Re: Dental implants and kundalini?

    A demonlogist has mastered the brushing of teeth - self.
    An exorcist has mastered the gargling of mouthwash - god without.

    Thusly, the teeth are the keys to the truth of the mind. Of course, with jewelery or metal bits, they could be overriding your natural state. Master anyway.

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