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Thread: The meaning of cycles and altered states (ASC) experiences

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    The meaning of cycles and altered states (ASC) experiences

    I see many people stating that they were able to achieve certain state of mind or energy, or certain effects, but it is difficult to them to repeat the same experience. In large part such an approach comes from a purely intellectual conviction (taught, or programmed in schools) - being a scientific one - that only repeatable experience is valuable. But I don't think it is the case.

    The problem is: we know very little about the universe. Expecting it will behave in a certain manner and follow our (scientific or any other we made up) rules is rather naive. This refers also to a "repetition" rule. Before recognizing all the forces involved in a certain experience, we cannot state about whether it's true or not. Here comes then the old known problem with science: isolating certain experiences from its environment is not possible, if we want to have a real idea of what's going on.

    I'm bringing this up because it particularly refers to energy. Let me quote Robert Bruce, with whom I totally agree about this matter:

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce
    The astral planes are complex nonphysical dimensional levels, as compared with the predictable and solid physical dimension, and currently we probably understood only 2 percent of their complexities. The nonphysical laws governing the astral dimension are fluid and variable, and projector's mind greatly affect their subjective perceptions of the astral dimension. This leaves precious few constant factors to work with.
    Hence, it's not easy to repeat a particular experience, especially when limited by the physical laws, while wanting to deal with nonphysical ones. Perhaps ancient people, because of this, advised to keep mind open and not to expect anything to occur always in the same way, but rather to be flexible and comfortable with changes.

    State of mind is as fluent (or even more) as the astral dimension. Yet, it's not easy to control it.

    Why does mind change?

    And, foremost, what makes a particular experience easier to come in a certain time, than when trying (or hoping) to have one some other time?

    Ancient people stated that energy changes through time, and comes to us through/from an astral level (if I was to make it sounding, or "translate", into a modern terms), particularly from large cosmic bodies such as sun, moon, planets or stars. They called the knowledge which refers to these influences Astrology. These are astral (cosmic) cycles.

    But there are also other cycles: the earthy cycles, and individual cycles (e.g. biorhythms). All of them affect greatly the state of mind, and thus ability to experience certain states.

    Watching natural cycles and how they affect one is very helfpul, to my experience (but not to draw a conclusions too fast) - especially when it comes to how do you feel about them. They seem to be the part of the answer why certain exeriences come easier in a certain time. Doing so also increases the ability to sense energy at all, and to act with them accordingly, instead of struggling with them (this refers to wu-wei state in Taoism).

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    Re: The meaning of cycles and altered states (ASC) experiences

    I like that.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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