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Thread: Kundalini Reiki - Kundalini energy flow during/ after unusual healing session

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    Kundalini Reiki - Kundalini energy flow during/ after unusual healing session

    So, over the past year i've been attuned to a few different forms of Reiki, one of which is Kundalini Reiki.
    One of the claims of this attunement is that the energy channels (base to crown) are cleansed and opened, in order to allow the kundalini energy to flow in a safe and controlled manner.
    Your Kundalini energy becomes part of the Reiki healing energy, when called forth.

    There is also a "meditation", which is basically a means to switch on the flow for a short period of time, allowing it to rise partially, widening the channels and allowing for greater flow.
    I do this almost daily, and often more than once a day.
    It creates a subtle but palpable shift in consciousness, with pleasant energy sensations up the spine.

    I often follow this with a balancing technique which is also included in the attunement, which balances the flow of energy to your entire system over the space of an hour. This should only be done once a day.

    I've been using this energy a lot, as a daily energy workout, as well as during healing sessions. It feels different to Reiki. More raw, firey. A bit more substantial, if you like.

    A few weeks ago, while doing a session with a client i've been seeing for about a year now, i found myself being guided to do things i've never done before.
    I found myself building a gold geometric structure around her heart chakra and the area surrounding it.
    I filled the heart chakra with Gold Reiki energy, and then found myself infusing the energy of pink roses (the flower) into the surrounding area.
    The gold structure seemed to encase the energy.
    I then strengthened the whole thing with Diamond Reiki, to crystallise the formation.

    The whole time i was being moved by an inner knowing, not a conscious thought process, and certainly not following any teachings i was aware of. (later i remembered reading about "blowing roses" in the Pleiadean Workbook, by Amorah Quan Yin. A technique which uses the energy of roses, but not one i had ever gotten round to actually practicing)

    As i finished the session, i was in a state unlike anything i've experienced yet. The flow of energy through me was so powerful, i was barely in the room.
    I could feel tendrils of subtle energy coming out of my crown, waving in an energetic breeze. My entire being was alive and alight with energy. I felt like a golden being, like i could fly if i only tried.
    It took a good 15-20 mins before i could string a sentence together properly, and another 2 or 3 hours before i felt anything like "normal" consciousness.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    That's a very interesting share. My own experience practicing reiki is that sometimes my guides or higher self lead me to new ways of sending the energy as a spontaneous inspiration too. Can you say anything more about the "blowing roses" technique you mentioned? A guide appeared to me in a dream and performed a healing on me by blowing angels into my body through a kiss on the temple. I could see the angels entering his crown and then coming from his mouth and into my body through the breath. Often when using the reiki symbols, I will piece together multiple symbols into more complex 3d structures and then use the breathing technique I just described to blow this structure into the body along with the angelic energies. It seems to work very well. What you described gives me some new ideas to experiment with, so thanks a lot. Have you continued to use the geometric shapes as amplifiers in your healing sessions since this one incident, if so what further experiences have you had?

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