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Thread: Grounding

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    violetsky Guest
    Grounding Methods:

    I will add to this as I go along.

    1) A good meditation to help with grounding is to imagine that you are growing roots from your root chakra down into the earth. Imagine these connect to the molten core of the earth. Then pump some of your own loving energy, respect, awe, admiration for the earth down these roots. You are doing a meditative prayer really. Next imagine the heavy magma is flowing up the roots into your base center. You do not need to imagine long distances. Just imagine the root connection and draw upwards allowing this energy to pool inside of you. Remember there is no distance in consciousness. A person can be half a world away and their conscious minds can connect instantaneously. Now you might get a bit of a shock because when you do make a connection to this energy it is INCREDIBLY earthy and almost throbs as it pulses. It can make your lower body feel extremely heavy, solid, strong. It can give you what some call intestinal fortitude and is very good for the health of the lower body.

    2) For full centering while doing grounding work I highly recommend reading the Seventeenth Chapter in Barbara Ann Brennan's book "Light Emerging." It is widely published and available in many libraries and if not can be obtained through interlibrary loan. This provides yoga-like and mental exercises to work on centering the hara line.

    Helpful suplimentary tools: If you are good at sensing energies from crystals then smoky brown quartz is an excellent aid when first learning to connect to this energy.

    Very Best Wishes,

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    Rayson Guest
    I thought it was time for a grounding topic thread to be started. Mind you- I'm just going to pool together some quick notes and posts we have so far, so this can be added to and revised later. I also think this topic fits in well under almost every section of the board, but we'll be the cool healer peeps who get it first.

    Oh, plus I was a meanie mod and decided to move Violetsky's post down here and that made it the first post in the thread. So hahaha- you have to go first Violetsky!

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    star Guest
    I hear grounding is also done with the feet, but I have trouble connecting to the earth with my base chakra. I can usually only get my feet connected to the earth, to ground that is.

    Have any tips?

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    Rayson Guest
    I took this article from over at the wiki:

    Grounding is a term that can mean different things to different people. However, as an umbrella term, grounding is the process of bringing one's energy and awareness into themselves- into their body, space, and time.

    Grounding has multiple uses. As a whole, it is calming, and makes one focus on the present. It is good for reducing anxiety. In energy work, being grounded can apply in much the same sense as in electrical work- it gives you a place to which you can clearly pull up energy, or release excess or unstable energy. Grounding can anchor you and your energy, keeping it from being pulled away, purposefully or otherwise. One can ground with the earth, reaffirming not only one's self, but the connection one has to the earth, and on the earth. Using earth-based grounding, one can shed negative energy into the earth to be purified by nature. Excess energy, even good energy, can be damaging if there is too much, or too much in one part of your energetic self. Grounding this energy out into the earth can save you from that damage. In crystal work, it is often recommended that one grounds afterwards so that excess energies can disspiate safely, and also to come back from the effects of subtle energy work and into one's self-energy. Grounding is also helpful in defence against psychic attacks, helping to keep energy from being stolen or penetrated.

    There are many different ways to ground. Since each person is different, there will be differences in how each technique works for each person. Also- choosing a technique may be based on your current situation; it may be hard to do a deep meditation grounding while conversing with someone, or eat if you already had dinner an hour ago. Theoretically, anything that brings awareness and/or energy back to the body is grounding. The following is a quick and very sparse list on common grounding techniques: eating, drinking, deep breath, visualization, physical exercise, certain breathing techniques, meditations, focusing on third chakra or subnavel primary energy center(lower dantian), using certain crystals, and bodily awareness techniques.

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    violetsky Guest


    Dear Star,

    Are there any nice old big oak trees around where you live? One of the reasons the oak tree was revered by the Druids was its ability to exude earth energy. Try finding a nice big oak tree and sit under it. If you ask for help you will receive it. Trees have consciousness like all things and usualy will help you. By sitting with your back to the tree and your root chakra on the earthy ground you will likely find it much easier to draw energy right into the root chakra and even up your back.

    If you still have difficulty:
    Then I recommend doing energy work on the root chakra but these will be different types of energy movements and procedures than you might have used before so please do not hesitate to ask questions.

    1) Imagine you have a very small white broom in your astral hands and that you are sweeping out dirt and dust from your root chakra. Imagine that as this is swept out of you this dirt or dust hits a bright electric field and the dust particles become bright and illuminated. This tends to transmute held in anger.

    2) Now imagine you are holding a white strong steel bristled brush. Use this to brush the inside of your root chakra to scrub and break up any black caked on muddy looking stuff that might be there. This can represent breaking up inner resentments that can become anger. Don't be shy to use some elbow grease and yes all body awareness actions can be done inside our body not just on the surface. Make sure to then use the little broom to sweep out the chakra immediately after this, remembering to do the transmutation visualization.

    3) Now reach in to your root chakra using your astral hand. You are about to imagine pulling out a murky gooey mass. This can represent depression. Now if you do this make sure to do two things afterwards. Imagine the most beautiful lusterous white dazzling water you can. When you touch it, it fills you with a beautiful calm and gentleness. It shimmers in the light. Then pour this in to clense the root chakra after pulling the goo out. Also imagine doing this to your hands for at least 15 minutes and then phyiscally go to a tap and wash your physical hands under water imagining any dark goo washing down the sink. Depression energy tends to be very sticky and even I still have troubles getting rid of it all after doing this procedure. I have not yet figured out a way to remove the goo of depression. A high pressure wash with lusterous water might work? Now where to put the goo? Well a pail could be used but I tend to want to burn the stuff. Don't like to leave a pail around to trip over. So I have two methods. A large furnace or a solar sun that I throw the wads into.

    These tends to be the heaviest energies of the pain body that tend to slow down and block the chakras. These exercises can be done on all the chakras but best in my opinion to start with the root chakra then wait a month before considering moving on up. Grounding energy is important to get well established before moving on. That is my feeling at least.

    Now the final trick is not to allow the pain body to dump more toxic energy and undo all your good work. Oddly we all have a part of us that replays our unhappiness - relives our old hurts. It could be for attention or habituation or triggering of old memories. It is hard to stop the record of the old story from playing but what we can do is realize that after this plays out we will need to clean ourselves up again. And hopefully with time and the key AWARENESS of what we are doing to ourselves will stop us from playing the record out in full and it will get shorter and shorter with each play.

    Then you are ready to try your tree exercise again. Or do this before trying the tree. As you wish. These are just ideas to try and are some of the healing techniques I use while distance healing. The people I work on feel very notable changes after this is done. It might take some practice but really really good that you learn to do this for yourself.

    Hugs and Best Wishes,

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    I am shocked to see so many beings of 'good intent' and of the 'light' recommending sending unwanted energy, especially toxic energy, into the earth. (not just here but in many posts) To me this is yet another form of pollution. It is no different than pretending that the ocean or the air will absorb the pollutants and make them 'go away'. It seems true on a small scale but in reality it builds up environmental toxins.

    Worse, its totally unnecessary. Don't worry, I am not suggesting anyone march the 'green' path.

    There are many options, I will suggest two.

    First the simple and easy option, an energy can be canceled by working it against itself. For you scientific types this means turning it 180 degrees and feeding it back on itself. Technically the energy is not destroyed, only its effects are canceled out. To do this place your palms together so that the energy centers are touching and the forearms are aligned with each other. The fingers of each hand should be on opposite sides so that the heal of one palm touches the base of the fingers on the other hand. Run energy in a circuit around you arms (through palms of hands and chest). Then simply move so that your hands intersect the energy to be canceled. Depending on your ability to circulate energy in your arms and the amount to be cancelled this can take seconds to months but usually a few minutes for most applications. Note that the energy being circulated is not used up and can be recovered at the end of the process. Note that this is a very effective defense technique for energy attacks. I have even used it against mid-level demons.

    A more advanced strategy to convert the energy into another form. This is done by creating a twisting matrix in your aura (or shield). This does require a medium amount of energy to operate and some amount of energy skills. Obviously due to the energy requirements there is no gain to using it on trivial amounts of energy. Also maintaining the twist when there is no energy to convert is just wasting energy. The technique is to rotate (twist) the outside of your aura relative to the inside. Then move to a position so the energy to be converted touches the outer edge of your aura. Contact area can be adjusted to control rate of conversion. A little experimentation will quickly the reveal the correct twist. With proper adjustments most types of energy can be converted into other types. When done simply release your aura and it will snap back to its original radiating pattern almost instantly. A note of caution here, other than the energy used to maintain the twist, the total amount of energy does not change. So if you convert a lot of energy, you must do something with it. A good option is to convert it to match your own and store it. The danger is if you try store more than your capacity. Perhaps in this situation, you will still have to dump energy into the Earth, but at least you can be somewhat responsible and convert it to a neutral non-polluting type first.
    Sin nada (Nothing is impossible)

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    violetsky Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wstein
    I am shocked to see so many beings of 'good intent' and of the 'light' recommending sending unwanted energy, especially toxic energy, into the earth. (not just here but in many posts) To me this is yet another form of pollution. It is no different than pretending that the ocean or the air will absorb the pollutants and make them 'go away'. It seems true on a small scale but in reality it builds up environmental toxins.
    Not everyone might be at that level where they can easily visualize and do transformation. I strongly promote transforming energy and do this while distance healing. However, I try to encourage people to work at the level they feel comfortable with. Usually people can dump but feel transformation is complicated and don't try it. Try to show them it is not too hard but allow people to do what works. It is a catch 22 to say do not do this or that. If we say do not dump, then people get overwhelmed and even more negative thought is generated and trust me thought pollution is staggering. Robert Monroe calls it the M band. I just call it a mess. And healers can get overwhelmed at times, some cases, especially severe possession cases can be very difficult. But someone needs to do this. (We would appreciate any extra help offered). I love working in a group of healers for possession cases. But if alone on a case backups like salt baths and the washing visualization can be important. The healer needs to stay healthy for yet another healing. So yes to a degree sometimes healers work with minimizing damage by trying to see as big a picture as possible.

    What I would recommend is try to teach people how to do this step by step. It is so easy to sound preachy and judgemental even if we did not intend and unfortunately people feel guilty even though we did not intend. Then they can turn of. Try to teach and work with people and people will be very interested in learning.

    Remember the earth has tremendous transformative powers. She can move mountains when called upon. Many healers work with this energy by very respectfully communing with earth and even asking to be guided by its wisdom.

    Interesting post and I look forward to more.

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    operasinger Guest


    Is this grounding or expanding awareness? After I started to open my chakras and yoga, and thanks to you, I have started to feel weird but good sensations, like I'm more connected to universe, maybe. And I have started to understand more hidden or subtle messages and feeling big energy boosts in my lower back.Also I'm able to make contact with spirits,finally. I don't know how to put this in words in English nor Finnish. I can not say that I can read thoughts or anything like that but somehow I can understand people before they say anything. What might be going on?Opinions?

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    xxhealinghandxx Guest
    understanding people without words? Do you mean like feelings? If it was such it might be a result of your solar plexus chakra making you a little empathic. Empathy is the ability to sense what others are feeling, and you being able to kind of "feel" what they mean is a sign of this, if I myself am feeling you right .

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    operasinger Guest


    Something like that, I suppose. I can somehow see where they are emotionally. It's little difficult to explain but....thnx

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