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Thread: Hello, just started have a few questions?

  1. Hello, just started have a few questions?

    when i was doing the energy stuff on day 2 i didn't feel any sponging sensation, however i could make a brief wave of sensation go through it.
    Am i doing it right?
    also what does doing the NEW manual feel like as will my center of vision still stay in my eyes, will i just pay more attention to my body parts is that what it means s since my center of vision is in my eyes i feel like i am doing it wrong. also when i scratch i have to scratch it red to get tingles is that right?

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    Re: Hello, just started have a few questions?

    Just relax its just the second day. Ure for sure doing it right but ur still in the beginning nad it can takes time to get the feel. Take some more time for the first week and u will feel it.

    For sreching dont donit until ur totally red just a little then u will feel it. Juet train that first srech once then feel a short time than ro it again

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