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Thread: knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

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    knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

    I have a friend who fits RB's description of someone under neg influence. She is often angry and hostile, falls out with everyone, walks into a crowded place and people look at her with dislike instantly and start making rude comments. Life of strife and ending up with bad friends and partners since childhood. I am not sure this person would respond well to reading RB, they are open minded but I am not sure they would put the effort in. And they might be offended. It's a big part of her identity that the problem is with everyone else and people react badly to her because they can sense she is special and a rebel (this is a conservative-dressing middle aged woman not a teen punk btw). How do you help people you think might have a shadow in their life?

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    Re: knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

    She sounds like an energy vampire. I would do some sort of passive countermeasure without her knowing it and see if it makes a difference in her behaviour. But I would not bring it up with her because it'll give her what she wants-attention and energy.
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    Re: knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

    thanks for advice. I am sometimes in places where I have to give the person attention and feel their effect, I also very much want better for the person.

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    Re: knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

    Hey I think she's just like that because that's how she grew up to be. Combination of genes and environment. Maybe you should let her read a self improvement book? How to make friends and influence people is a nice one. Books about making people like her because she will have better people skills that way and know how to behave. I think she just expects people to treat her a certain way so she acts in a way to make it so. It's the tagging theory. Good luck!
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    Re: knowing a person under neg influence...helping them?

    Hi you,

    Use your own body to help her. Do first a protection around you, then ask for help in your intention to help your friend, and be sure to say if it is what she needs, (we do not know what even we need, so it is to be open for all help to come, and not to "judge" what you think is the best, so to speak, I hope you understand how I mean?)..use like a candle or white sage or likely what works for you, and now think you are her and you cleanse her body and mind with doing it around your own body. Be sure when you are ready with "her" to cleanse yourself, and then end it by thanking for the help and thank your friend you was used to help yourself too. It goes always both ways. The help you wish others you will get yourself too.

    Good Luck.

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