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Thread: Copy: Kundalini and Physical Immortality

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    Copy: Kundalini and Physical Immortality

    Dear Robert,

    In 2009 I read a collection of post about Kundalini that had questions and answers with you. Heres the link its on page 82 if you want to look at it. or you can just ctrl+F and type in physical immortality to find it on the pdf

    You mentioned in one of those post when you were describing different possibilities of things that could happen or you could gain from raising Kundalini, that physical immortality may be possible.

    Now in all my reading and research of the occult, magic, and mysticism, besides the Philosophers Stone, this is the only reference or mention I have ever seen about the possibility of physical immortality. So I was wondering if you could please elaborate on this.

    I have been wanting to inquire further about this point that i have been very intrested since i read it when when i was 18 (5 years ago) but never had a way to do so until i discovered your website. Love your books and have been an avid follower of your work since i was a teenager, hope you take the time to answer.

    Thank you,

  2. Re: Kundalini and Physical Immortality

    In order to break the cycle of mortality, you would have to break every other cycle in your physical body and in your soul, including the cycles of eating and sleeping, any oaths you have ever taken, and all cycles of desire (including the desire for physical immortality itself) - this is a very difficult subject you have brought up here. I don't know any physical immortals personally - but then again, even if I did, they would never reveal themselves to mortals, for many reasons. I do suspect that there are those walking among us who have lived for much longer than they are willing to say, but that is only personal speculation.

    Reaching for physical immortality is great if that is what you desire, but you might want to really think about what that means before you make any definite decision to pursue that path. If you have an active conscious connection with your higher self, ask them about it. The implications are mountainous, as are the trials you would be forced to endure while climbing this Everest.

    You have the right idea, though. Keep growing. Who knows? Perhaps you'll be the first. Perhaps not ; )

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