This is very important if we want the LOA to work! I wanted to share this article- because I feel like this is something alot of people get wrong while they're trying to attract something... And this is a great explanation! seriously... It's very short, but it's worth the time.

There is a very interesting story to describe how this law maybe working. Once upon a time there was a man who wanted cars. So he asked God to have cars all around him. He became a traffic policeman! He got exactly what he asked for. He never asked for the experience that cars would give him. In other words this law of focus is always working so be absolutely clear on what you are focusing on...

...In other words NEVER FOCUS on the person, thing or object. Focus on the EXPERIENCE OF HAVING whatever it is. Feel it from your heart.

This is very important. ALWAYS FOCUS on the EXPERIENCE of having whatever it is you want. DO NOT FOCUS on the person, object, thing. The two states are very different.
Focusing on object, person, thing increases the desperation, the neediness, the lack, because you end up manifesting exactly what you asked for i.e. what you do not have i.e. person, place, object or thing in so many places.