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    Hemi Sync

    Hi There,
    New to the forum. I was thinking of starting the Gateway series of Hemi Sync by the Monroe Institute. Just wondering if anyone has experience with that and if they can guide me toward the right series. From my understanding it's the introduction to astral travel.
    All the best,

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    Re: Hemi Sync

    Sorry... wrong subsection

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    Re: Hemi Sync

    I just moved it, maybe someone can help you there.
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    Re: Hemi Sync

    The best hemi sync, in my opinion, is a 6 CD set 'Journeys out of the body' and you can download it here.

    Click Here...

    We use this in the Practical Astral Projection Intensive, a 5 week course we run a few times a year. A new one is just starting and we are still taking people for this current course, should you be interested. Click Here...

    The idea is to learn how to stay conscious during the first CD, called 'meditation'. When you can do this, you move to Condition A CD, then to B, C, D...with D being the full mind awake body asleep state ideal for OBE

    peace, robert

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