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Thread: Dr John Mack (Psychologist): "Experiencers" Documentary

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    Dr John Mack (Psychologist): "Experiencers" Documentary

    Had it bookmarked a while. Now happy I watched it because it is very well done.

    Seems to be the best documentary on this topic.

    Dr. Mack explored this phenomenon with an open mind and scientific scrutiny, including his own expertise.

    His conclusion: it is 'real' and all of the experiencers are mentally sane.

    Many experiencers are interviewed in detail, also the children school class in Africa that witnessed a landing and communicated with beings. The entire metaphysical aspect of it is also given some space here.

    Worth watching if you ask me.
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    Re: Dr John Mack (Psychologist): "Experiencers" Documentary

    Strange coincidence (or not?). On a site I regularly browse on, today I saw this article which appeared yesterday:

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    Re: Dr John Mack (Psychologist): "Experiencers" Documentary

    AD Pedia:

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