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Thread: Group Telepathy Experiments

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    Re: Group Telepathy Experiments

    nobody at all in is immune to psychic attack , a psychic attack needs a take place only a at a glimpse

    once a target is acquired you can communicate in a very very wide variety of ways , visual communication one of they many , one of my forte.

    the whole point of a psychic attack is to leave a psychic spoor , that allows one to renter and gain further access

    however the hallmark of true telepathy is to savor the very very rare gifted mind that is almost immune to read and leaves no leaking thoughts

    such people are very rare and far and few in between
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Group Telepathy Experiments

    im ending my telepathy experiment , if anyone wants the gift , please just ask.
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Group Telepathy Experiments

    apparently anyway this is as B.U.M,P
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Exclamation moving out of the telepathy experiment.

    I'm no longer leading the group telepathy experiments , for reasons which are many.

    my telepathic skill is no longer a point in question , but apart from that I'm no longer interested.

    best of luck with all your growth in your telepathic prowess everyone! , I might take a genuinely good question if posted here , kindly do not pm or ask of me by other agency .

    If this is kind of urgent , Cf will is here.

    Cf!! you really are my mom!
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