I think this is my THE problem thats holding me from projecting. i been trying to project for over 1.5 year, almost everyday multiple times during night during day with different techniques. month ago i bought Astral Projection Mastery program i did 24 hour thing. Today i realize i have problem with visualization when im deeply relaxed. Im great at visualization normally, now i could sit in chair in lotus position and have long vivid images of me doing something but when i go to bed to do all astral thing like deep relax etc after some time maybe 30 min i start to visualize and just stop after short time and after some time i catch myself ohh i should do visualization or even do energy work then i stop again. I dont know why i stop ( i know you said 45 degree chair is good but i cant relax siting like that. thats why i lay flat on back but i normally dont sleep on back only sides )
I notice this today because i saw girl on youtube that said that sometimes you need visualize for hour and i said well i cant do this and then i hit me
( Astral Projection Mastery program is not reason why i have this problem but now when i read this post again it could sound like that )