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Thread: Free healing prayers

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    Free healing prayers

    I have decided to offer and say prayers for individuals who have physical problems. In the past, I have cured myself of many things, such as spinal problems, brain injuries, and heart trouble. However, I can not guarantee that healing given to others will work-- although I see it as worth a shot for some people, such as serious cases and those who are merely curious. If you are interested, please obtain permission from the person who needs the help and give a detailed description of the problem. Feedback regarding successes and failures would be appreciated as well.
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    Re: Free healing prayers

    Well, id love a stronger immune system, but I think that needs to be health improvement on my part.

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    Re: Free healing prayers

    Hi Josh, I would appreciate a prayer. I have been ill for 13 yrs. Last 1 yr has been really tough. My health is going downhill but Drs don't know why. I have fibromyalgia, cfs, brain disease that causes strokes, disc probs in back and neck, muscle weakness from strokes, the list goes on. I try to get through every day doing as much as I can but its getting hard. My biggest issue at the moment is something is causing my body to flush. I get so hot, my heart palpitates, I get weak in the legs and can't breath. Its not menopause, I've had so many tests. Its happening up to 40/50 times a day. I dont sleep as it wakes me gasping for breath. Im tired, tired of struggling each day just to get through. Any help would be so very appreciated. I have strong beliefs about prayer.
    Kind regards Kitty

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