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Thread: qstn regarding time phenomenon

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    Re: qstn regarding time phenomenon

    Hi Grant,

    i'm referencing the newer meaning which references mystical lines that criss cross the globe. In my experience Ley line energy is most visibly and audible noticeable between the hours of 3 and 5 am when most folks are asleep. I was a bar manager for years, and used to walk my dogs during those hours. I miss those days working 9 to 5 is a bummer.

    When I eventually retire, I look forward to again enjoying the unexpected sights and sounds when happening across a lively Ley line (I might have had 1-6 experiences over the course of 2 months back then). On rare occasions I have ran across a strong convergence of Ley lines through the day, but it's been years. Ley lines seem to have an ebb and surge flow of energy potency similar to an underground spring.

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    Re: qstn regarding time phenomenon

    Interesting post DarkChylde.

    I read in a book (can't recall which one unfortunately) that people who lingered on the earthly plane after death felt like the time that passed for them was like a couple of months...but when they were 'rescued' to move on, it appeared they had been there for much longer (like a couple of years). A kind of time distortion thing. Maybe a disembodied consciousness just doesn't notice time passing in the same way as we do living in a meat suit.

    Another thing ocurred to me from my reading. Linear time flow may be an illusion as it's often said - in that it actually isn't linear - but perhaps in this realm of existence it is linear to a certain degree. I've read that each realm is designed to have it's own camouflage system - a set of rules upon which it is based. So maybe, although from a grander perspective you can flit about from time point to time point (or perhaps see all at once), the nature of time in this realm just tends to flow 'forward'.

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