This isnít a dream; itís something that happened two days ago while I was relaxing after a home yoga session. I had been getting headaches for the previous couple of days and I was contemplating that while yoga helps significantly, it was a good thing that I had a massage appointment with my brilliant massage therapist in a couple of days.

Then I started to think about the strange tones Iíd been hearing on and off in my right ear and reminding myself to mention that to Brendan, when I felt energetic fingers pressing into the muscles on the right front of my neck. The feeling was very distinct and as real as if someone were pressing fingers into your neck. So, I took the cue and began to massage my neck there, noting that the muscle was indeed very tight.

Today I told Brendan about that experience and he took it seriously. He confirmed that those muscles could indeed affect the ears and when he got to the neck and upper chest area, did spend considerable time on these muscles, particularly on the right side. I'm feeling good now.