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Thread: A 'sensing locale-1' question.

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    A 'sensing locale-1' question.

    Hello forum members.

    Today, after more then two years i finally got to the last two waves of the gateway experience.
    Two years, because i did every part severel times (some even a dozen times) until i really got the hang of it.
    Now at last i could start with the part 'sensing locale'.

    Since focus 12 in wave 2 my energiebody from my waste down felt like out of body every time. While my body was
    in focus 10 and then focus 12 it feels like my legs are dozens of meter long and they swirl as a flag in
    the wind.

    I have always liked this feeling and even have these experiences while i lie on my couch or when i sit behind
    my computer.

    During al the past waves i have seen a lot of strange events. From seeing strange scenes while looking with eyes
    open in the dark or for instant my small meditation room becoming 10 meters long. (Seeing more then the fysical
    world) Always together with my out of body legs.

    I never had any problems with focus 10, 12, advanced focus 12 or with focus 15.

    But when i did sensing locale things got weird. Not only did i had a lot of trouble getting into focus 10,
    (normally saying 4 times the number 10 in my mind is enough for instant focus 10) also my legs had a lot of
    problem getting out of body. In sensing locale the purpose is to expereince your energy body.
    No problem there but more then feeling a sort of pressure all around my body, nothing happened. Also getting in
    to focus 12 didn't work the way it should. (Again, normally by saying eleven, twelve and then again saying 3-4
    times twelve in my mind gets me intant in focus 12). Further more, i had trouble using my energie arms to reach
    something. Not once in the past two years i have felt my energy arms. Only my legs and feet.

    On the end of the meditation Monroe's wife counts back from 12 to 1 and then it got weird. Instead of cooling
    down the opposit happened. By reaching the number 9 my legs got out of body and started walking. They were just
    the same length as my normal legs and instead of swirling in the air they started walking.
    There was so much strengt in this walking that i had the feeling that my normal waistline and legs where lifted.

    So my question is why the opposit happened? Why my legs instead of my arms got out of body and why are it
    always my legs and never my arms? Am i doing something wrong?

    2 Years ago i had a very white and black experience during a OBE while using Monroe's condition A, B, C, and D.
    The reason that i have started with the gateway experience was because of the bizar experience i had during this OBE..

    I can almost evoke an OBE without any device helping me, just by repeating what i have learned in the
    gateway experience. I really hope that the last two waves gives me the experience to get the hang of this.

    Is there an experienced person here on the forum that can help me with this? I will be very grateful for it.

    Excuse me for my misspeling. I am dutch and not often write in English.

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    Re: A 'sensing locale-1' question.

    It is possible that by concentrating on the body parts mentioned you induced tension which made it more difficult to separate from them.
    I would recommend, if you want to feel your energy arms, to practice tactile imaging on your energy body at separate times than a projection practice. It'll help in that regard. And relax more before you get into the trance induction (focus number repeating is good, but it's a conditioned reaction, and your body may not be ready for it although your mind is).
    My great grandmother from my mother's side was Dutch, but I never knew her. Your spelling is fine, there are many multilingual folks here.
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    Re: A 'sensing locale-1' question.

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