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    rk downloads

    I wanted to download the raising kundalini videos after the trial period has expired. However, I noticed that the website only offers the download link for the FIRST chapter of each section! That is not good and potentially other customers are missing out on some of the video content! How can I download the whole course? I already wrote to the so-called help desk several times, but only found out that they are slow in their response and not very helpful.

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    Re: rk downloads

    When you have exceeded the trial, and click on the link to each section, this will then allow you to download videos for that entire section.

    The feature to download the course videos is working fine as far as I can see. Please try it and let me know how you go.

    We may be shifting to a new help service soon. This one started out good but now seems a bit lame. Apologies for that. I'll try and put a rocket up their kilt.


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    Re: rk downloads

    Sorry, that is not what happens.

    When I right click on each link in the program download section, it allows me to only download the first chapter/first video of each section. Each section, however, consists of 8 to 10 chapters/videos.

    How do I get the other chapters/videos for each section?

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    Re: rk downloads

    Thanks for the feedback....

    I am having this feature tested and will let you know.

    peace, robert

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    Re: rk downloads

    I just tested this and all the downloads work fine. I downloaded a few of the videos at random, and not just the first in each section.

    This is in the 'Program Download' section at the bottom of the big red list.

    If you are in the right place, I recommend you clear your cache and try again, or try a different browser.

    Let us know how this goes.

    peace, robert


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