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Thread: Not sure what to do with this...

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    Not sure what to do with this...

    Hi All,

    I've been seeing pale blue light orbs or flashes for a while manifesting here and there around me... night before last I woke up and saw a vision of a dark door with that same pale blue light shining intensly behind it through the doorframe. That's a big change in what the blue light does.

    If it were a lucid dream I could interact with it somehow but I'm awake when the blue light manifests and it disappears quickly... like saying "hah! Here I am and now I'm gone again! Haha!

    So - I've talked out loud to whatever the blue light is asking for clarity and identification - prayed on it - researched endlessly about angel colors and hermetic color correspondences, consulted what turned out to be a fake/untalented intuitive,. to date no synchronistic insights have occurred or clairvoyant impressions rung true. Light blue/sky blue enigmatic energy...

    Any insight or experience interacting with an awake vision? Perhaps ritual gesture? Simple patient waiting? As I write I'm thinking I'll try holding a visual of the enigmatic door in meditation and see what happens.

    All thoughts/impressions welcome.

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    Re: Not sure what to do with this...

    Hi Dreamweaver, I was once reading a spiritual book with the TV also on. I got to a part I was having to read over and over again. One of those moments when you are realy trying to work something out if this is this then that is that .....and as I looked up in desperation I saw a couple of pale blue orbs about 2-3 inches wide at the bottom of the screen. Thinking this was a mistake by the advertising company at first but it wasn't.A different advert came on and they were still there but moved and I checked for reasons with lighting for these but was left with no doubt this was all they could have been. So with physical eyes I saw them just at the time I was deep in thought trying to understand something. I just felt comforted in thinking spirit were close.
    I know we all have our own way of interpreting but I would see a door as an invitation to go through, and the fact that the blue orb was on the other side could this just be a gesture that they are waiting for you. Maybe they want to work more closely with you?
    Maybe others will come up with different interpretations.
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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    Re: Not sure what to do with this...

    The Future's Open Wide

    The door is You, the difference from You being within looking out the windows of your Soul... to being You all out as That which is fully looked upon.

    Time To Share -

    The Sky is your's...Seer. Can You bear to EmBrace even our worst...O' Human...Come.

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    ~ Hoka Hey ... Heyoka

    The blue sparks are called ORBS (A Celestial Body), they can get bigger...where you clearly see to identify their spherical nature.

    Kareful-Backwards -
    I am within your soul,
    Somewhere hidden,
    Somewhere within your soul,
    Somewhere hidden.

    A royal blue is about the throat (vowels), where speech (spo-ech) to Ut-ter begins. Let Freedom Ring!

    images (16).jpg

    Sky blue is about the mouth/tongue, where formulation of Ut-tered sounds become communicable language (consonants). If you don't mean it...then don't say it.

    ~ Ut-Terra... it takes gVts to speak from your Heart.

    ...Spoke - Chops Sound into Word...ReSounds, where Ech means Hu...Even HuMan. The foxes have holes & the birds have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to rest his head. " yoke is light." Amen

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    I love the atheist, any nonbeliever really; I don't waste much word...I only say to their brash claims to within their brevity, God don't give a damn whether you believe in "god" or "not"...get over "it"...get over your~>/"Self"\~>& be love's lovingly loved lover.

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    I am a fool foolishly fooling with foolishness. The truth as "it" would seem...

    Show me your incited "filthiness" and I will insightfully reveal your soily interior.

    Show me your incited "superfluity" and I will insightfully reveal your diminishing ratio from yourself to others.

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    Can you wish our enemy's strengths weakened? Hell Yes nn Heaven gnos...Yes.

    Nowhere else is sorrow more acutely felt than in heaven. ~ Ancient of Earth's Days

    Deep calling unto deep ... Vocare ad Regnum

    My father's name is Joy...Abigail...I am my father's Joy.

    The depth of Sorrow is equi-distant to the heighth of......

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    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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    Re: Not sure what to do with this...

    I searched the forums and found this thread.
    Maybe this quote can help?
    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Clair View Post
    As clairvoyance develops beyond the dreamstate and projection sight , the first colours seen are either blues ,indigos or purples because everything is coloured by the chakras in the head. As the vibration ascends the blue "vision screen" changes to the violet vision screen. But the orbs themselves can be external spirits or aspects of self such as the watchers.
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    "By your own effort waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master." —Buddha
    I am another you. You are another me.

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    Re: Not sure what to do with this...

    Hmmmmm.... absorbing it all.... trying ideas on for size...

    Thank you <3


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