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Thread: Dreaming before sleeping?

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    Dreaming before sleeping?

    I seem to be able to dream before I even go to sleep.
    Even when I'm on my computer late at night, I can hear people calling my name and I know the people, but they're all sleeping and it kind of annoys me because when they do call my name, it's loud!

    I could be sleeping, yet at the same time be conscious of my surroundings meaning I can wake up at will.
    Just over the past 2 months it's been happening. My dreams become incredibly lucid and I can remember every single detail of my dreams which I can recall at anytime.

    What could this possibly be?

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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    I don't understand when you say there are people calling out your name , and you say they are sleeping? how can people who are asleep call you out your name?

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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    I think I would guess you're in the real time zone and these are reality flactuations, maybe.
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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    Yes, reality fluctuations or your imagination.

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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    agreed , imagination.

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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    Man. I must have a strong imagination to be hearing them as loud as they are : )

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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    I'm thinking hypnagogia. You're going into a deep trance while sitting in your computer. This tells me you need to sleep more.
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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    I start to "dream" before I'm asleep, and if I'm particularly tired, I have dreamlike thoughts and experiences (though milder than full-on sleeping dreams) while I'm awake. I personally think this is most common in people who are more "in touch" between the conscious and the subconscious minds.
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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    If you've been awake for too long, it could be that your astral hearing or clairaudience is being activated while you're awake, and you're hearing the "sounds" of the RTZ. How long were you awake for without sleep when these incidents happened?
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    Re: Dreaming before sleeping?

    the think OP has started exploring his/her liminal sleep stage.

    other than Cf I know just about one other person , trained or having forte in it.Someone else I know works in it , from what he tells , hypnogogic (hallucinationary state while going to sleep) or hypnopompic (altered states while waking up from sleep) are things that be used for a myriad purpose.

    He once told me to imagine him floating above me while I was going to sleep and waking up from it and he'd show up in one of my dreams.That's exactly what happened ( and my dream recall is as extant as snow flakes in june)

    Liminal defines as "occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold" I reckon it's use , practice and appliance are just as valuable as lucid dreaming or trained dream programming or deep trance state meditation etc.

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