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Thread: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

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    Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    Hi , I was wondering if we are allowed to write spells and casting and witchcraft in here (imo - that's a type of manifestation but done differently).

    If Admin/Mods green light it , I'd like to write here.If not this thread ought be deleted , no need to respond , I check in on here everyday , disappearance would mean , "sorry no"

    (ty vm)

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    I guess it's ok if it's positive. Like no curses or invocations, bc they're tricky (invocations, that is.)
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    Quote Originally Posted by C View Post
    I guess it's ok if it's positive. Like no curses or invocations, bc they're tricky (invocations, that is.)
    There shall be none , no invocations , I agree to it.

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    {Love spell that worked for me}

    take two plants alike and try to keep them apart , the one to bloom is to reward you and the other to wither and remove impediments your success.

    I'll write the spell down if anyone is even interested enough to read it.

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    If you are into chaos majic and making sigils , then your spell casting for love will yield major dividends.

    learn chaos majic and make sigils and seals for a servitor.

    aim the servitor to the person of your desire.

    This is where I learn to make servitors Creating Magickal Entities : A complete guide to entity Creation

    I made my servitor and in it's DNA i sowed "hounding" and gave it a target , much like how police dogs trace a scent and close in on the wanted.

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    Hello, I do not really know what anyone of this means, but I'd love to learn about it! Do you think you could explain what this is and how to do it?

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    Contrast in methods of casting.

    One thing I have learned overtime is that , that period of "totally forgetting" after casting is one of sublime importance , once it happened naturally and the results were spectacular .

    I used to think that "feeding" or keep working on a ritual is very important (it is) , but so the crucial period of totally forgetting it.

    therefore what I have noticed after much reflection is that , there are 2 distinct ways to work your ritual

    (1) do it once and totally forget all about it

    (2) keep at it and keep stoking it , till results are manifest.

    Both of the ways have worked , now that has got me thinking if there are other ways to either expedite results (these 2 methods are already very well known and much talked about).

    What it leads to is the fact that there might be other ways to have effective results for ritual magic.

    What happens when you practice over the years is that , new forms and ideation (new door ways in the thought matrix) start opening and at this time , you start understanding that , do what feels right for the moment (acquired intuition) , this is what is commonly known as "making your own spells rather then getting them of the internet is more effective"

    I'm starting to subscribe to that thought.
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    during a ritual I have learned that one needs to be a vessel , one has to be a conduit through which whatever energy/deity or invocation is channeled , you cannot simply utter the words do the method and expect that will cut it , surrender to the state (when you feel it has arrived) and simply channel it to your needs.

    Very interestingly I have noticed that my belief in "words of power" is now under study , you get on with the incantation but , it's vital to remember that the words are means "directional points" through which one accesses the power and the flows it to whatever cause is being worked for.

    Lately I have also sensed that one does not need to be "by the book" , let the state take you over and then see what happens (the surrender is the process of letting it go and watching it happen.

    I feel this has greatly effected the success of my casting.

    I will make more notes of this in further practice
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Spell-Casting , Ritual and Majic for meeting ones needs.

    having an early start helps too.

    my favorite quote is

    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Hinders in proper channeling (learn)

    Ok so Darkchylde you have to remind yourself that these things VERY seriously things that hinder your progress in magic and deity manifestation or ritual practice

    4)Improper approach
    5)Improper method of delivery
    7))Being too frank
    8Taking things too fast
    9)veneration and exaltation
    10)facts and pondering the feel of the deity
    11)Proving your own might
    12)asking too much too rapidly before proper connection
    13)Being utmost humble and entirely compliant
    14)Humility , utmost and absolute humility , eat a HUGE slice of humble pie everyday
    15)Pride and confident intent , do as you please , the ability to ignore how or what others precieve you as and judge you over it.
    16)Ignore the tiny barbs and jabs , lay traps so you can understand what and how other pick up , take it and use it.
    17)Paranoia and fear of gossip. fear of bad rep
    1Development and associations that meeting and relationships and encounter produce , the ties are are to break , make them very very consciously.
    19)Patience and the ability to under one desire and need from another.Evolution.
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    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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