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Thread: Virus and bacteria

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    Virus and bacteria

    Can energy work be used to destroy viruses and bacteria and funguses?

    Have you ever had any experience working with individuals who were sick from let's say a staph infection, or any type of viral infection, even fungul infections prove to be horrible and sometimes uncurable.

    What is the energy make up of pathogens in the body? Would regular affirmations help deal with these pathogens in the body?

    I was just wondering if you ever have seen the process of how energy healing deals with pathogens. Would the bug just be incapacitated and filterd from the body, or does it get destroyed fully and there is no break up in the human body.

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    Re: Virus and bacteria

    Energy work and affirmations and healing can be used to destroy these things, yes.

    This is done by encouraging the body's immune system to greater efforts.

    All healing is self healing.

    By this I mean that a healer's efforts 'remind' a patient's body to heal itself, and often provide more energy (like an automobile jump start) for a body to heal itself.

    Affirmations work in a similar way.

    Medicines, herbs, and nutrients, help enormously.

    for example, fungal infections can usually be cured by the application of Gentian Violet. This is like a purple dye and its been used since 1890. It has been taken off the market in some countries, due to what in my opinion is junk science that claims it is carcinogenic. You simply paint this on and repaint as it wears off and continue till infection is gone. This works very well and I am not aware of anything else that comes close in its effectiveness at curing fungal infections.

    Often, when you are healing something, particularly if you are using affirmations and manifestation, you will be led to certain substances that can help. So, paying attention to dreams and coincidences is wise.

    peace, robert

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