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Thread: Vitic/Carbon Force Phenomenon (Effortless Energy Raising or Grounding, and Balancing).

  1. Vitic/Carbon Force Phenomenon (Effortless Energy Raising or Grounding, and Balancing).

    Good day!

    Hereís another very beneficial modality that is relevant for all energy workers.

    It is referred to as Vitic energy or Carbon force. It is a phenomenon that serves to balance and/or raise the energy of any object, person, or form of life on multiple levels. This phenomenon occurs when a person places a piece of hardened carbon such as Graphite and a small Magnet in each opposing hand, while standing, and with one leg a step forward. The carbon portion can be achieved by holding onto two or three wooden pencils that have the erasers removed, and the magnet can be a simple round ceramic magnet or even any common fridge magnet will work well.

    Depending on your natural polarity, you will find that holding a magnet in your left hand (graphite in the other) will either cause a relaxing (balancing or grounding) function very quickly, or alternatively if the positions are reversed, it will automatically raise energy for you resulting in increasing levels of sensitivity and stimulation within a short time period. Whichever effect is felt, it is quite easily felt and can be noticed in seconds. It is best used only for a few minutes at a time for maximum effect ( 5 minutes or less is recommended). The residual effects are reported to last approximately 12 hours in duration.

    The use of the Carbon Force phenomenon is excellent for quickly striping off the excess subtle energy that cannot be directly used or stored and balancing the person back to a healthy equilibrium on all levels. This is a great way to treat the classic symptoms caused by any form of energy work or related modalities that can overwhelm your energy body causing discomfort. If youíre feeling overly sensitive and experiencing pins-and-needles sensations from energy work and cannot get to sleep when you want to, I would suggest giving this modality a try and see how you feel after a short session with it.

    This phenomenon works well when used after spending time in places of high spiritual activity such as Hospitals, Cemeteries, or when spending time along Negative Earth Energy Line crossings (Ley lines - Curry and Hartmann grids, etc). If youíre feeling drained after going to one of these places, a short session with the energy raising function/polarity can be used to feel more whole and allow you to get on with your day unhindered.

    This modality can be used on other objects/life-forms such as food or drinks and crystals to name a few. Graphite and a Magnet can be placed in close proximity on either side of the object you wish to balance. A glass of water has a noticeable difference in taste after very brief exposure as do other beverages and herbal tinctures.

    Crystals have an interesting effect when using the Carbon Force on them. The aura of the Crystal expands largely and can really be felt across a room with ease, and after exposure itís energy seems very pure, clean and very easily felt in the hands for many days therein. It is great for cleansing crystals that cannot be cleansed with water and it is fantastic at removing negativity or programs placed by yourself or by others.

    Hereís a practical word or two about it: Be sure that you store your Carbon and Magnets in separate places when not in use! The best way to keep them separate is by using common sense - leave your graphite in a office desk and your magnets on the fridge as they are both rarely found in the same room. Donít keep both items on opposite sides of a small bedroom as you may experience the effects of this modality all the time and when you donít intend to use it. The polarity and effects in that scenario would change just by turning around inside the room which is a feature best not to have! Additionally, a weaker magnet produces a much smoother and even feeling when used, and it is always better to have slightly more graphite than magnet.

    Iíve used this modality personally for some time now, and it has really benefited me in a multitude of ways. I find that it would allow you to practice energy work more frequently and safely without the risks associated with being heavily ungrounded all the time. I find it to be an excellent energy work modality on its own and does nothing but strengthen any other form of traditional or modern energy work system that you may use. I can genuinely say that itís very well liked and received by those that Iíve shared it with when it is correctly used as per your need or situation.

    I hope that you may find a positive benefit and use in investigating this modality. Enjoy!

    - Malathion.
    "Curvature of time - not a straight line." - Nik Turner.

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    Re: Vitic/Carbon Force Phenomenon (Effortless Energy Raising or Grounding, and Balancing).

    Thank you malathion.
    I may start off with trying water tasting first.I found Masaru Emoto's work on water crystals and different energy exposure beautiful so I would like to experiment with taste on water.
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    Re: Vitic/Carbon Force Phenomenon (Effortless Energy Raising or Grounding, and Balancing).

    I would like to share my new thoughts and ideas about the Vitic Phenomenon for anyone curious in investigating this modality further.

    I provided a brief introduction into the use of Vitic Force Phenomenon earlier in this thread. Said simply, it is an energy work modality that has a very noticeable positive effect on a person’s subtle bodies when experiencing problems with other forms of energy work, or by going to places of high spiritual activity that drains your life-force, and can be accomplished with common household objects found anywhere. This phenomenon can include the use of certain Crystals or Precious Metals for different feelings or effects.

    Vitic requires two components to work: a material that naturally conducts or carries an electrical charge (such as Hardened Carbon) and a material that naturally carries a Magnetic current (a Magnet).

    The Carbon portion of Vitic works because it naturally conducts electricity and electrical sources are directly opposed and repelled or moved by Magnetic forces found in the Magnet. They’re complete opposites energetically and will repel each other naturally when placed in close proximity to one another. The energy movement created from this repelling action is exploited by placing a living system in the middle of the two and is used to push current through the natural energy structure of the object or living system. A person uses this movement of energy to clean and stabilize the Aura and to raise or ground energy in the body depending on natural polarity and/or hand-to-object configuration one chooses.

    Knowing that Magnets will move current through the body, it is important to point out that the strength of your Magnet will change the sensation of the energy felt when you use this modality. Gentler Magnets will allow a slower and more thorough cleaning of a person’s Aura rather than a very forceful and fast pace of movement from a stronger Magnet.

    For those that use this modality frequently, a natural Magnetic source used for a long period of time per session is recommended. But a regular fridge Magnet can be used if that is the only thing available at hand. Magnetite/Lodestone or Healers Gold works surprising well for this purpose because they carry a very weak Magnetic charge and is recommended if you happen to own one or both.

    Precious Metals that conduct electricity, such as Gold or Silver, can be used in place of Hardened Carbon/Graphite. Both Silver and Gold work extremely well and each metal has a different effect on how it interacts with your subtle body structure. (It is important to avoid the use of Gold or Silver plated objects as they will not work to maximum effect - always use solid Gold or Silver with Vitic)

    Silver feels very direct but gentle when compared to Carbon. I notice the effects pulling inwards and through areas like the major meridians lines, the spine, and in the centers inside the head rather than areas outside of the physical body like Hardened Carbon tends to provide. Silver is quite revitalising and relaxing and I would place it as the most gentle when rated against Gold or Graphite.

    Gold has the overall best effect profile and is the most unique in direct experience. It is very warming, gently pulses or radiates from the inside outwards, and can be felt both in the outer layers of the aura and throughout the skin, bones, spine and chakras simultaneously. If you have access to Gold for use in Vitic I highly recommend it’s use the most out of the three.

    The use of Gold and Silver in this modality may provide you with a new interpretation into another reason why they have long been coveted by people throughout history in all traditions the world over. By using them this way you’re directly absorbing or going into resonance with the energy quality of the metals through your entire structure at once.

    I hope I have provided additional insight into this powerful modality for those still reading. I encourage you to play with and experiment with these concepts for yourself especially if you have access to any legitimate piece of solid Gold or Silver along with a weak Magnet. Vitic is a great modality to know about and to ‘keep in your back pocket’ as an energy work toolkit. It will only serve to strengthen your normal energy work routine in the long run.

    - Malathion.
    "Curvature of time - not a straight line." - Nik Turner.

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