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Thread: Coolest Experience I have had yet!

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    Coolest Experience I have had yet!

    I have just had the clearest experience I have ever had. I have been reading a book by Eric Pepin and in it he mentions something I noticed about myself. Really it’s why I started reading his book. The harder I try to meditate or project the more difficult it becomes. So I have shifted my focus somewhat towards not trying anything. Just kinda letting go. Most anyone of you that have experience here probably thinks that is a fairly obvious insight, but letting go isn’t something I do easily. But it seems to be working.

    Anyway, I appeared in a hall. Usually my projections start in the room I'm in and it’s very dark. But this time I started somewhere else. Not a fancy marble tiled hallway, but more like the tile you would find in an industrial complex. I was looking down.I started to move forward. Not like walking but more like gliding. I remembered from another attempt and some previous posts that I should ask for clarity and when I did, everything got very bright. When I say bright I mean VERY bright. More so than any of my other experiences. Not painful but it was that intense. But I was still looking down. All I could see were the floor tiles going by. At first Ididn’t want to look up. I felt everything so strongly I had the impression that if I looked up, I would be moving my physical head and that would pull me out. When I did look up, it did actually feel like I was moving my physical head, but I wasn’t, and it didn’t terminate the experience. Now I could see I was moving down a long wide high ceilinged hall. Not ornate, but a rather plain hall towards an intersection. I tried to turn but felt resistance, like I was caught in a current of water. Normally I would have tried to force it, but this time jut went along to see where things would take me.

    As I approached another intersection a couple of things happened. First, oddly, my nose itched. I didn’t see any hands legs or feet, but I knew it was my nose. When I scratched it, that’s when I noticed the whole time there was a low kind of background noise. Like a hum. Not low pitched but quite. When I scratched my nose, the pitch kind of wobbled and the light quality wobbled a little too. Everything stabilized again afterword but it was odd. I also had thethought, “there are no people here.” That’s when I came to another large intersection. More like entering a large opened ceiling room with four entrances. The light here was even brighter. I became aware of three otherpeople in the distance. The room wasthat big. And I don’t know if it was mymind trying to quantify and define the experience but I heard the word nexus. It would have been what I would have called something like that and it is a very apt definition which is why I think the “voice” for a lack of better words probably came from me. It sounded a little like my mental voice but a bit higher pitched and tilted a little feminine. And it really wasn’t a voice either. I can’t really explain it. At the center of the room was some kind of artistic structure. Like a rough spire. Tall and there seemed to be something like water running down its sides. I was moving towards it.

    Well I got excited and then it ended. That has been, by far, the coolest experience I have ever had. Not so much that I saw something wonderful, as most of the time everything was very plain. As a matter of fact, with the exception of that spire thing, most of it was just like being in a big building somewhere. But the light and sound. The whole experience felt peaceful.

    Any thoughts on any of this?
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    Re: Coolest Experience I have had yet!

    This sounds very interesting! I understand what you mean when you say it felt very peaceful... and the spire sounds beauttiful.
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