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Thread: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

  1. I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    This might be a long post. Because it is the subject of a somewhat ugly dispute. Let me explain. If I can explain.

    In 1991 when I was in late high school I had what I call a "near life experience". That is, rather than a near death experience where someone dies and comes back, I was alive the whole time, went somewhere and came back. I have to be careful how to write about it. Because it sounds like an experience that people have on drugs. But I can say 100% that I have never taken drugs, medication or alcohol of any type whatsoever. Moreover I had surgery in 2000 and had to fill out and sign a form saying that I had never taken any drugs etc [ normal requirement because drugs in the system might interfere with the anaesthetic] and I signed below "if you are dishonest in any way the surgeon is not responsible for the consequences" by saying no, I had never taken anything at any point in my life.

    Put succinctly, the whole world vanished and I went to a world of blue triangles with a dot of white light in the centre. I say succinctly. Because about 5 years ago I submitted a 5000 word report about it to a psychic society. I even drew what I saw and where I went and submitted the drawing. I did so with total anonymity. The psychic researchers who had studied stuff for 30 years had no idea what to make of my experience. OK. But then they hand balled it to a psychologist who was meant to be respectful of such experiences. But he wasn't. He never asked me a single question. When he read my submission that I had given him [with my permission] he did not ask me a single question. That was rude. Unprofessional. And a disgraceful departure from all sound investigative or psychological methods. Even Jodie Foster in Contact got asked questions by the skeptical Congress Committee. He said that because it was an "adolescent experience" that "the brain still developing" explained it. What absolute rubbish. How the hell do you explain adult experiences then? Come up with a new explanation for adults? How tacky do you get? He just wanted to retrofit his own reductionist, materialist agenda; he had no interest in my perspective or views.

    So after the above I am very wary of groups that purport to investigate occult/OBE/astral experiences. I will not make a submission unless I am going to get respected and treated with common courtesy. In all that you can ask skeptical questions. That is fine. Don't agree with me if you want. But to not ask me any questions at all? That was disgusting. In my 5000 word report I covered all of the alternatives. No. I was not tired. No. I am not an epileptic. No. I was not looking at the sun. No. I was not on medication. No. I was not on a strange diet. No. I did not have any health conditions. And so on. It was a dispassionate who/what/where report. I could not cover in 5000 words the full complexity of what happened. Put it this way. I have had to come up with a whole new set of terms for how time works; I couldn't find my experience anywhere despite a lot of research. I am truly, without being egotistical, entitled to say that my experience was unique. Moreover I have told very few people about it. I have not even told me family. I told a confidential group about a year later where occult experiences were discussed at a round table; their first question was if I was on drugs which was OK - I said No - and then they concluded that it was a type of "out of body experience" without me in any way prompting them to say that. So it is not just my opinion or just my perspective.

    I truly believe that my experience has something to offer. I have racked my brains trying to find some way to record what I saw. Not trying to sound morbid. But I want a permanent record of what happened that remains well after I depart this life/earth. Yes. I take my experience that seriously. So if anyone on these forums wants to use my experience for a record, doco, something in which my privacy and experience are both respected, then please reply as such below. I stress again that I have not even scratched the surface of what I saw and where I went in this post. In all honesty I could write a book on what happened. There are that many philosophical and metaphysical questions that stem from my experience.

    Thank you.

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    Re: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    Hi Solartriangles,

    First off, welcome to the forum.
    Many members here are currently experiencing OBE's or have had experiences in the past. Even one is enough to stay with you for ever.I remember when I started having them I was directed to this forum which was my place where I could talk about them. I thought I would join and attend weekly a metaphysical group in my home town to share and learn but unfortunately even the girl taking the class wasnt able to advise and therefore didnt allocate any time to this, therefore this forum was all I had.
    I wonder if you have read any of the authors who are excellent in detailing their experiences?
    You can learn so much from their books, such as ,

    Our own Robert Bruce of course'

    Robert Monroe

    Kurt Leland

    William Buhlman

    Bruce Moen

    Jurgen Ziewe

    No one here will NOT take you seriously, and the more you read the more you will realise just how many people around the globe are consciously aware of having them, whether self induced or not.
    I hope you can find a personal meaning for your experience, and if you feel you would like to share it here then I look forward to reading.

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    Re: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    I'm not sure I know of any 'societies' or 'research bodies' that you can submit your experiences to. We do have a journals section, and you may receive feedback from people that may or may not have had similar experiences to yours. You will find many accounts of different experiences, that is for sure.
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  4. Re: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    Thanks but I feel that it is only done justice in a formal submission.

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    Re: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    You could try the Institute of Noetic Sciences, I suppose.

    I haven't been keeping up with their research, but OBE certainly seems like something they might research.

    This is just a forum of like-minded people who may or may not have had similar experiences, so all you're likely to get here is discussion. It's more "seeking" than "researching".

    I wish you good luck.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    Re: I have had a strange OBE that I want to submit for research.

    If u would give it experience a time u have spend there how long would I say? I mean not the time passed here but the felt time there.


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