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Thread: Trance as reliable way to fight hypertension issues

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    Trance as reliable way to fight hypertension issues

    I can drive Blood Pressure (Systolic/Diastolic) by ligth trance induction method(*) leading it to about 90/70. I'm 51 years old.
    My normal verified blood pressure is 120/70. Sometimes, under emotional stress/physical exercise effort peaks to 150/70. Diastolic is linked to body confort (in normal conditions it's 70, when atmosphere temperature is 23º C).

    I've a wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor CITIZEN (TM) CH605 (Model).

    Try yourself and report.

    Thank you very much...

    (*) "Falling inwards" was my first method, following Robert Bruce teachings.
    That from was my second method and faster in order to achieve results.

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