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Thread: Healing physical brain

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    Healing physical brain

    During the last years I've suffered a lot of anxiety due to university. I'm a bit introvert and I have a mild social anxiety. The problem was that I've had to speak in public regularly and this was simply too much for my anxiety. This anxiety became chronic and I felt very bad for a long period of time wich caused me an impact in my brain's health. Let me explain this. I've observed that my logical reasoning became reduced, it's like I have a lower IQ. My memory is affected too, I often forget what I'm about to say or do, sometimes I struggle to remember some words and Im more sluggish than before. I thought It was going to be temporal, that I would heal when I didn't have the anxiety anymore but this didn't happen at all. I'm free of anxiety for months and I haven't improved.

    I wonder if I can use self healing, or whatever type of healing, to recover my brain's health. It literally feels like some of my brain cells are damaged or something.

    I would really apreciate some help.


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    Re: Healing physical brain

    yess you can heal the brain

    whatever is worked on mental level changes the brain structure in the brain. It's very possible to heal schizophrenia for good

    You can also receive psychic surgery on the brain which changes the shape of its form or structure
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    Re: Healing physical brain

    It is possible, when stress is chronic, to suffer the way you describe, loss of capacity, from a biological standpoint. Stress hormones can change your profile. However this is completely reversible.
    *Eat more protein, and cholesterol (and good fats).
    *Listen to binaural beats if you're not epileptic.
    *Meditate daily, something like transcendental meditation, where you repeat a nonsense word over and over for a lengthening period of time. This will help with any stress you're having right now.
    It may take a while, but things will improve.
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    Re: Healing physical brain

    There is a book called how to master your memory by tony buzan

    You can rewire that part of the damaged brain by learning how to enhance your memory you are affecting and re wiring that part of the damaged brain by doing so

    You are really really really exercising your brain by learning to master your memory.
    You will need brain food at least 7 fish pills daily to support it. Just like working out at the gym you will need protein powder

    There are given exercises in the book that train memory overtime. The more you practice the exercises in book the more your giving your brian a work out. Note you will need to not do it too much. From experience it can be to overwhelming for the brain to do to much brian exercise to soon. So appropriate amounts of brain exercises daily give your brain a rest. Brain is like a thinking muscle. Don't train the muscle to much too soon.
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    Re: Healing physical brain

    Youtube search for "acidwarp." If you can get the psychometry right you can pick the feeling impressions of the colours then you can fix the problem. There are all sorts of simple brain exercises on the web but acidwarp is the one I have experimented with lately, it's a genius.

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