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Thread: Religion and cosmology

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    Religion and cosmology

    Religion is very old, and I probably as old as humanity itself. We tend to fear the unknown, that's why we have to know things, but I we have to name what we fear. There are natural processes in this world, thin like weather, earthquakes, death, processes we could'nt explain at the time, that's why we built mythos around them, some of these exist even today.

    Story of Abraham
    I think we all know about the Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Pretty old faith, yet still living and breathing. The story of one God, and creating everything including two humans who populated Earth with people of different races and skin colours (and don't make me speak about Noah).

    Then prophets came and caused problems the biggest bloodshed in human history. Murdering in the name of one God. Converting leftovers so a new batch of holy warriors can be created, that's how far the fear from the dark can go.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think that religion is the culprit here, we, as humans, are violent. There are people fighting because of a football match for God's sake. The thing is there will be wars always, for territory, politics, economy... But the fact is that wars over whom's imaginary friends are better come at the top ten of silliest reasons.

    Conception of deities
    Very old question in the occult circles, where do deities come from? We already do know about our power to create egregores, but could all the deities be like that? The creation of the mankind? I have spent quite some time summoning various spirits to the point of it becoming boring, the initial sense of dread quickly disappears and communication becomes casual over time, and maybe with just one exception, Death.

    Death is truly something dreadful, a natural process we know a very little about, but we don't know what death is and what comes after, and that's why religions are still alive and kicking, and the afterlife. Anyway, let me continue, Death is the only one where the sense of dread remains, so, could its beings be the original ones?

    Frankly, I don't think so, they are just more powerful egregores, and and for a quite simple reason, but I really, really. The fear of death and the mourning over dead friends and relatives is not only the human characteristics, it is shared among the species. A dog won't care about Zeus because it doesn't know about Zeus, but it knows Death.

    I think most occultists know about this, but I there are 7 planets representing 7 forces in the universe that affect our lives. Did you just notice how silly this looks? OK, it is scientifically proven that people are different when born during different seasons, but that's the thing of our environment, not about which one signs are planets in.

    Just to point out, astrology was important as it was the basis of astronomy, but we all know today that the geocentric model of the universe is false and therefore obsolete. This system is also the reason why our week has 7 days, despite the fact that 5 would make more sense considering that 1 year contains 365,25 days (that's why there's a leap year every 4 years).

    The tables used for astrology are not accurate anymore, either, considering that Sunday should enter Aries on 21st of March (mark of spring) yet it is still in Pisces at the time.

    The end
    We are already old enough as a species to let the old faery tales go. After all, isn't it funnier to evoke a predator than some ancient blood cult creation. It's going to work either way. Anyway, whatever you do, and don't let your beliefs to limit your progress and do your best to understand modern science, medicine and technology.

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    Re: Religion and cosmology

    Hi Frater Akenu,

    Your post has forced me to try to write an response to your post, it does give me a notch to write about my experiences about this topic. As you say religion and cosmology is ancient and it is connected to the elements...and from the elements as natural processes...has the myths bean upbuild into is very interesting what happens when you try to leave this old traditions....I did do this and I still are compelled over the reaction from my is somehow connected to I have had to re-valuate and start to give respect back to the forces what I have tried to expose as faery was very clear to me that godīs are angry when trying to say they do not exist....and I do understand that there has bean given names to all the godīs and they have bean worshiped...because it does have to do with different energy what is LIFE....and our eternity...

    The life as we think of it here on not what LIFE is.

    I was totally convinced of the existence of forces, and it is very easy to use the ancient nameīs on them, to be able to tell about your own experience....but as I have not read so much about the ancient mythīs at all, but the little I have done I do recognize what they are telling about.....and of course I at the reading time is in awe...and grateful to be found words to express my experiences with.

    I have learned to listen inwards but looking somewhat out of the traditionell box of upbringing what was much kept on place with was not easy to tear down the compact wall for of many generations did knock me of my guard and awoke death-fear....I am still struggling to some extent with it....but it does keep me going to find the bigger truth so to speak...and heal me from my own family tragedy what is compact and in many layers inherent....I am convinced that powerful LIFE force is real.

    Thank you for your post it did drag me out of my shell...again

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