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Thread: Need some help. My progress with astral projection.

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    Question Need some help. My progress with astral projection.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and am happy to have found it... English is not my first language so please bare with me... I want to start by teling you my experience so far, I first learned about astral projection last yeasr and I tried to achive astral projection with meditation (I never even reached the vibrations)so I decided to try doing it in the midle of the night because I oftenly wake up to use the bathroom, so I did and I have 2 experiences but I am not realy sure it's astral projection since it was in a dream-like state and it's all foogy and unclear ( like a dream ).

    My first experience was 2 weeks ago. I remember waking up but I didn't open my eyes or move, I just sat there and tryed to astral project. I reached the vibrations, it felt like my body was numb and tingly. Take note that this is the first time I reach the vibration stage. I try diferent ways to get out of my body but nothing seems to work, exept for rollind side-ways ( I sleep on my back) I succesfully rolled out of my body but when I try to open my eyes I am back into my body. I repeated this once more with the same result and after that I'ved fallen asleep and had a false awakening dream. The next day all this seemed like a dream, it was all blurry and clowdy. It was like I dreamed of trying to astral project.

    My second experience was last night. I woke up at 2 in the night because I'ved fallen asleep verry early( at 7 or . After one hour of Listening to some creepypastas I was on my side ( I usualy sleep on my back) I enter sleep paralysiss and I think to myself "I should try astral projection" ( I'm a little bit more aware and focused than the last time I was in this aituation) So I concentrate and enter the vibration stage (all my body is numb and tingly especialy my tongue) and try to roll side ways out of my body with little success , never succedeng complete separation(at least my "astral eyes" opened from time to time, not like last time)... I repeatetly lose my concentration and slip out of the vibrations and back into the sleep paralysiss... eventualy I fall asleep and lose conciousness. This time I remembered it beter ( not as clowdy and dream-like like the first time) but still verry foggy.

    What do you think? Was it real or just dreams of me trying to astral project? Does the Vibration stage suposed to be this dream-like/clowdy? I expected it to be more clear and focused... and for my personal quriosity and expectetions, when you guys succed astral projection is it clear or dream-like, like a Lucid dream level of clarity or better?

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    Re: Need some help. My progress with astral projection.

    I believe it was the beginning of an astral projection. You may have not had enough energy to complete the separation and to get away from the pull of your body.
    How often are you attempting your exits?
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    Re: Need some help. My progress with astral projection.

    Sounds like the first time you tried to open your physical eyes rather than see astrally. Sometime the difficulty is focusing your awareness off of your physical body and into your energy body
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    Re: Need some help. My progress with astral projection.

    Basically dreams and astral travel is the same just in a different state of consciousness and clearness

    Seems u couldn't keep your consciousness up long enough that makes it foggy. Sometimes it can be like that while other times it may feels so real that u think I can't jump don't this hill cause it feels like the physical life

    U are on a good way I would suggest dailyeditation, energy work and if u can to eat light food for some time.

    All the best

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