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Thread: levitation dream

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    Lightbulb levitation dream

    Hello there,
    There is this day I dreamed I was levitating with my body rising vertically though I was in the horizontal position. In some instance, my other self was above me looking at my body rising. l realised what I was doing to myself and I started waking up. I woke up with a thud on th bed like I really was levitating.
    It is a feeling I cannot shake off my conscious.
    Some one care to explain this.

    PS:I have never practised Astral projection nor levitation

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    Re: levitation dream

    Don't sound like a "levitation" dream, looks like your higher-self took notice, strangely put...You take notice of your Self. You are actually living your life, and in so the shots from the ground up. Higher-Self answered your call.

    "I realised what I was doing to myself and I started waking up." - Is You calling your own shots...


    Scenario: There is never a General without Privates. But look out your eyes-to see...right Now in our world there is a world filled with Privates awakening to the AbSense of a General (ProMoting Leadership). It is our's having been Forced-deMoted to as each NOW Self-ProMote.

    Temple of Love

    The Body of One Stirs as our EnTiReTi...a Simultaneous ReSurrection of !!!WTF!!! to within each in every of One.

    With a Happening so EPIC-IN-SCALE...IT must ha've happened All-Ready.

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    Of the end the beginning•In the beginning Our Self.

    "I can tell you,when people cling to bitterness,there is nothing you can do about it,because it's how they define their power.If he [they] can learn to get power from joy, good-" ~ CFTraveler

    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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