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Thread: video content won't show up

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    video content won't show up

    Hello Robert. I am new to this site, and have just purchased your program. I am trying to watch your videos, but all of the videos display that there is no content. Help?

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    Re: video content won't show up

    I'll look into this right now.


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    Re: video content won't show up

    which program are you trying to view?


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    Re: video content won't show up

    I am trying to view the Kundalini Raising program.

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    Re: video content won't show up

    There appears to be a server issue, which is probably temporary.

    Initially, I could not get any of the programs to work. Now, APM (astral projection mastery) works, MASH (manifestation and self healing) works, but RK (raising kundalini) is not accepting logins

    This is all held on Amazon AWS, which is super super reliable - this is the first issue we've every had in many years.

    I can only guess that there is a server blip, and that this will rectify itself shortly.

    Please keep trying. Which program are you trying to view???

    PM (private msg) me if you like and then we can discuss this more speedily in real time.

    peace, robert

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    Re: video content won't show up

    ITs all working now.

    RK is back online, as are all programs.

    Wow, you gave me such a scare.

    Must have been a server hiccup. It happens, but not very often with AWS.

    peace, robert

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    Re: video content won't show up

    Thank you Robert. Everything looks like it is working now. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you I have been away from my computer for some time.

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