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Thread: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

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    Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    Just wanted to start a thread on angel communication.

    Which angels do you communicate with and find most easy to access?

    I'll start off with Angel Sultra. He's the protecting angel of the United States of America. I find him to be easy to reach and very responsive. Nearly every time I've reached out I've encountered a timely response or a sign of acknowledgement from him. Several times the response was a sense of a large multitude of angels surrounding my vicinity. I've felt that once with Archangel Michael as well. Everyone knows Michael, but Sultra was a more eclectic angel that I stumbled upon and can reach out to.

    I'll probably try Archangel Sardus next.
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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    A difficult topic. Unconditional Love Non-Interventionally Facilitates Conditional Intervention, those conditions Divinely...both as origination and orientation. Though...this interdependent upon any one's/group's faith base (not belief/s) but aligning faith originating and orientating.

    Like, humanly we can give gifts to one another through temporal things that prove as temporary answer. However, Love proves as overall growth from a specific event that throughs time froward of the staying answer/s, even as that answer was at first time-sown. Thusly, originating and orientating.

    Example, the scales of justice, justice being a far stretch of time's overall reach. The past continuum reaps karmic iron which by the tons gain toward an accruing debt, this requiring timely answer. Therefore, resolve must be met via the future continuum toward reaped benefits at cost to within the present moment of absolving accrued all, this requiring...not by matching weight to weight ratios, but values...weight to weight. What is the equalizing value to a ton of iron towards what will come nigh to that value being of lighter weight. Thusly is conditional buildup met with unconditional love.

    Given their pasts to current circumstantial situationals, many would humanly remark that they wouldn't give one red cent for "this life", therein condemning all life as nothing of value.

    It wouldn't be far off exactly that, that for a Penny per ton of Irony...all is absolved. A Penny being the lowest valued form of currency, simply be-cause unconditionality doesn't split hairs or pennies. Doesn't matter if you've accrued debt from now unto past's disappearance or just checked in for your first's a penny for your remarkable thoughts. A thought don't weigh nothing, but life is worth at least one red cent.

    Like the smallest seed...the mustard seed, that's exactly enough from which to base faith's hopeful pleas' for life's sake. Love can find pennies in the consumer's parking lots and in the extra-change dish at the store's checkout.

    Humans...what saves Us from ourselves is exactly what We throw out 'as if' it's nothing...even Life itself.'s a difficult topic. For when life is spent 'as if' there is no tomorrow...where then did to day arise from...given the set pon our yesterday?

    If I am waiting upon..., then surely I'm not alone with-in my guarded awaiting. The future has already got my back.

    Ancient of Days: As above, so below ; as within, so without.

    Likewise: When one can take care of a little, then one is given a lot. When one cannot take care of a little, then what they have is taken away. But, you have to look back through those two statements to understand the discernability between the latter innocent and the former as one whom carries more than their share. 1 Corinthians 13 et all...(attn. to v.11)

    We daily brush, even entertain, the ease of angels unbeknownst...right in plain sight. Mark 12:41-44

    Even still...
    Imagine our world if such as is nurtured forth...

    Therein the difficulty,..., we may proselytize of Divine Angels as we wistfully wish, yet without our within recognition gifted to one another severally, that we see not even that right before our eyes..., how then does one base said faith pon hopeful unseens. Maybe to look back...discernable through Hebrews 11:1 'Evidence'. Have you not found hope in another's gift to you, a just in time good smile/word/call/gift...etc...

    Jesus...not claiming anything about himself, inquired to what others,were,saying about him, asked his of what they saw in him. Had he just up and claimed...I expect Michael would have pummeled Him in his first worded steps...
    Looking back through that...we might identify the power of our hearted observations upon any other amongst ourselves, that in so saying as we'd feel to see, that Divinity straight-away has the back of said one's future...even unto throughing the Cross of Christ.

    Sultra means "bind, to bind, the heavy corded thread that would bind the pages into a book", most likely awaiting any pointedly helpful human words toward covering an observant's spoken notices.

    That right there reckons to inform us of how Jesus loosed us from a heap load of binding paged up laws and prophets in the fulfillment stated within, "It is finished.".

    I mention noticing you herein Honeybadger, great heart-felt topic. Thanks

    When approachedly called "good", Jesus assuredly placed the artifice of Good to God Alone. To identify the Living God within the good expressions of most certainly reciprocity at work.
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    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    my angels degenerated into what cupid called his "Farce" more than half a decade ago. they got really excited that i was more innocent than them and have been doing nothing except causing me problems since. when they were innocent, they were cool ... but what they really are i say is not meant to be bothered with. why do they need thankyous, acknowledgements, forgiving chances when they think "killing is good" is more the truth than say "freedom is normal". yep.

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    I have seen the Archangel Michael a few times in the past, not sure what it means, if I asked for help, or if it was 'his turn' to instruct me.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    Are yours Angels or Archons?
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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    i have never heard of an "archon" , but you can tell me

    my "higher self" is corrupted too. a belief in self is what did it!

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    Hmm, interesting. well i looked up archons and that sounds right. angels supposing free will in themselves and not in humans. ughh, thanks for replying.

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    read this thread very carefully , its a product of research and fine disscusion

    angelic possession
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    never communicate with a angel , ask only for protection

    Rapheal : air

    Mikael : fire

    Ghabriel : water

    Uhriel : earth

    approach with respect and dignity and i reiterate : ask ONLY for protection
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Angel communication: angels that you find easily accessible

    also do proper incantations , signs and symbols , after much practice a day will come when you actually feel something there (not the archangels but their servants)
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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