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Thread: Kundalini experience: twin energies

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    Kundalini experience: twin energies

    Hi Robert

    (i posted this in the "ask robert section" but seeing this section deals with kundalini soley i decided to also post her. anyone feel free to reply and discuss )

    Its a great pleasure to be able to communicate with you online. I have a question about kundalini, i have watched a number of your you tube videos about when you begin to describe your first or initial kundalini rising/experience. Now before i ask my question it requires a quick explanation or an experience i had about 3 years ago. i was lying in bed using an astral projection technique which i no longer use, it consisted of "tricking the body to sleep" i had been experiencing very mystical experiences prior which i will not divulge here as i do not want to make this too long. while trying to evoke the previous experience, i encountered something unexpected, from the lower part of my body i experienced a "high energy event" as which can only be described as Twin energies or dual energies beginning to rise and they would inter loop and meet at certain intervals (EXACTLY as kundalini is depicted, or the caduceus) it continued to rise as my sense of awareness was within the energies and travelling with it. It continued through the top of my skull or crown centre and extended 4-5 metres directly out something akin to an obe i was lying down awake and conscious throughout the experience. it was a very high energy event, almost physical in a way. i should also add i have spontaneous astral projections and i have been experiencing much mystical phenomena since the age of 16 i am now 28.

    Cut long story short, the motion of the twin energies was exactly the same as the intertwining serpents of kundalni even the tops of the energy where oval shaped something like snake heads, not so long after when i would go to sleep i would hear loud hissing sounds been thrown into my head when i would try to sleep, which was alarming at the time, now when i close my eyes i see purple static and snake heads and typical grey alien. And i have never heard in all my research about anyone experiencing it exactly as it is depicted. I have great respect for you bruce and you have been an invaluable source of information for me on my journey, and your insight and opinion would prove invaluable for me. would this be kundalini rising? three years ago when the event happened, i knew nothing of kundalini.

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    Re: Kundalini experience: twin energies

    This certainly sounds like kundalini rising, yes. But I have never heard of it happening in this way. There are several ways kundalini can rise, so I guess this is one of them.

    What were the after effects of this event?

    I'd be interested in hearing a more detailed version of your experiences.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Kundalini experience: twin energies

    Hi Robert it was truly a pleasure to hear back from you!

    You asked what was the after effects of the event? The kundalini rising experience was associated with another high energy event that happened several days before, and i believe was one of the causes. These events and experiences combined have triggered and activated many strange phenomena particularly on a energetic level. which i will divulge and explain, but i first i want to explain what i believe to be the "main" causes of these things that has happened to me and how it started. Since i was a child, i have had a natural ability to raise energy as long as i can remember, but i thought it was normal as a child, the energy feels like waves enveloping my body from my back, and also penetrating and filling the body. its only until my mid twenties that i started to realize there was much more to this. just prior to the kundalini event, i was meditating on the couch sitting crossed legged, i was in an altered state of consciousness to the point i was hearing auditory hallucinations. and i thought to myself, i wonder what happens if i raise the energy while meditating? and to my surprise i did. Then i thought i wonder if i can send it to my brain? the energy went straight to the brain! that's when i opened pandoras box...

    what happened next was unexpected, what can only be described as an energetic vortex like ball started to spiral open within the solar plexus region and expanded into an energy body, i now had two bodies physical and energy, it was an exact duplicate of the physical body and my sense of of awareness was in the body. It was spinning "anticlockwise" and the more energy i raised the faster it spinned, the event lasted 2 minutes. After opening my eyes theres was a shimmering being standing next to me, i knew this because there was a line of silvery energy starting from its top traveling down to its feet and the line would regenerate itself on the top and would reveal its shape as each line of energy traveled down its body. now i had done this once or twice, and thats when the kundalini energy began to rise because i was trying to evoke the same experience again a few nights later. to this day i still evoke the spinning experience, but it feels more like swirling energies rather than an energy body. so this experience in conjunction with the kundalini experience (the after math) has resulted in so much phenomena i would have to write a list but, just to name a few.

    When i close my eyes, i no longer see the blackness behind closed eyelids but a purple static like an out of tune television, and faces looking at me... particularly alien looking beings (grey alien) i see pulsating lights usually white, but an occasional purple light flashes. Energetically on a daily basis i feel my whole energy structure swirling within me its rather strong almost feels physical. I feel vibrations in the physical body, even if i am just relaxing watching television. I feel internal movement like something is squirming within me. more wake induced lucid dreams, i occasionally find myself in a bubble of hexagrams spinning anticlockwise. the list goes on and on. But basically these are some manifestation that have been constantly evolving sine those two events of the kundalini rising and the other event spinning from solar plexus. One of the reasons why i find you "bruse" a valuable source of information is because out of all of the internet your the only individual the i can resonate my experiences with. and its an honor to able to talk with you.

    So those two events, first the spinning in solar plexus, energy body and the second event a few days later the kundalini rising as TWO SEPERATE EVENTS, but closely linked within a span of days heralded in much of what I described over a period of time, it activated from that point. and I only just started my journey, any insight into any of the above would be invaluable to me bruce as I have many questions, this website is a great resource.
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