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Thread: What the heck?

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    What the heck?

    A recent lucid dream that I need help understanding/integrating:

    I was with a small group of people - they were all behind me, and I was talking to them about the terrain we were hiking across - describing it. We were approaching a frozen lake - the air was cold - the ground was frozen and frosty but there was a layer of what looked like volcanic mud over a rocky terrain. I explained to the people "it looks like they put a new layer down" as I tested the soil with my foot. It was "fresh new, volcanic mud no one had set foot on before.

    I saw in the lake what I thought was the tip of a whale snout - shaped like a blue whale's - but it was white. Then I thought as I looked closer that it looked like a giant bivalve mullusk. It was breaking through a hole in the ice and steam - like breath - was billowing out of it into the cold air. The thing was breathing I thought or it was connected to a heat source.

    As I got closer the thing heaved itself out if the water and spun around - it looked like a giant tube worm or a sand worm from the novel "Dune." Its mouth morphed as it swung to face me and it now looked like a concrete tube - the tube thing then twisted around to face away from me and attached itself to some sort of motorized, round, floating mechanism - like its 'mouth' was meant for that purpose - and the tube thing was pulled away across this frozen lake.

    Next part - close-up of deep water tubeworms clinging to the side of an underwater rocky shelf. Like the kind that grow around the openings of deep sea volcanic trenches.


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    Re: What the heck?

    The salad was heavy on the sativa? More indica to sativa ratio...

    A friend of mine monikered Louse...used to say the squid, though deep sleepers/shallow feeders, are gettin' restless...comin' up from deep repression...surfacing to face avoided subconscious ...wakin' up...but check this out...

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    Re: What the heck?

    Weeeeeiiiiird tube thingy. No Cannabis of any variety involved with this girl. Totally get the idea of waking suppressed content tho.

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    Re: What the heck?

    Were you at all intimidated by this thing? Or was it just a WT...moment?
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    Re: What the heck?

    I like to interpret the vibration of the dream, rather than the dream itself, sometimes. Like- sometimes dreams tell you were you are, vibrationally. Like- a person who is very depressed can sometimes have alot of nightmares. And when I'm working on my emotions, I get very vivid, beautiful dreams that I like to think about when I wake up. So maybe you should think about what the dream felt like, vibrationally, and if you have dreams that feel the same way in a consistent manner.
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