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Thread: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali....

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    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali....

    Hi everyone .

    I have to write the Sutra 49 of Patanjali translated and commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

    Srutnumana prajanabhyam anya visaya visesarthatvat.

    This special truth is totally differnt from knowledge gained by hearing, study of scripture of inference.

    What you achieve that rtambhara prajna you understand everything without study. When you trancend the mind through
    proper concentration, you feel the cosmic force or God.You can check your experience with the scriptures or through the
    Word of sages and saints, but it is known by you through your own experience. Until then, all you have heard and read and
    visualized will be by your own mind.
    Experiencing God is something that is genuine and comes only when you transcend the mind. God cannot be understood by
    the mind, because mind is matter; and matter cannot possibly understand something more subtle than matter.
    Western psychology talks only about the mind, saying, "Unless you understand by your mind, you canīt know something."
    At the same time it says, "But you cannot know Everything by the mind." That is all; it stops there.
    But Yoga tells you tht you can know something without the mind. There is a higher knowledge which can only be understood
    without the mind.
    As the Mandukya Upanisad says, "Nantah-prajnam, na bahis-prajnam, nobbayatah-prajnam, na prajnana-ghanam,
    na prajnam, naprajnam."
    "Not inside knowledge not outside knowledge not knowledge itself not igorance."
    Itīs all expressed in the negative: you canīt grasp it, you canīt think of it, you canīt mark it with a symbol; it has no name or form,
    and you canīt explain it. Hundreds of people might sit in front of a speaker, who might talk for hours and hours about God.
    They might sit and listen for hours and hours, but itīs all nonsense. Yes. The speaker has said nothing about God, and they have
    heard nothing about God. The lecture has only said something about God that he or she could fit into his or her own mind,
    and the audience has only understood the God that they could grasp with their own minds. Thatīs all. Nobody has said anything
    about the real God and no one has understood the real God. Itīs unexplainable.
    So, in the rtambhara prajna you transcend the mind and gain a knowledge that is realization. For that, the mind must be completely
    silent. That is why in Hindu mythology there is one form of God called Daksinamurti, who sat with four disciples in front of him.
    They were all learned people; they had read all the Vedas and Upanisads and heard all that was to be heard, but they still couldnīt
    realize the truth. So they came to Daksinamurti and requested him to explain the highest Brahman (the unmanifested God)
    He just sat there in silence. After a while they got up, bowed down and said, "Swamiji, we have understood." And they went away,
    because only in silence can it be explained.
    "Mauna vakaya Prakrtita Parabrahma tattwam." "The Parabrahma tattvam, or unmanifested supreme principle, can only be explained
    by silence, not by words." In not only the physical silence, but in the real mental silence, the wisdom dawns.

    I am so happy to find this...I got to know why I did be in silence when my son was born...heīs language did came very late because of my silence...but thankīs to this behaving I have bean able to save him and me in this Life.....thankīs to God....Not by me but by God.
    When my son has bean in very bad place I have never said a word to him, but looked into his eyes and he has nodded and become calm and felt good and his agony have left if I have felt bad my son has looked into my eyes and I have got more strength and gained back my stability.

    Thank You

    Core Affirmation: I am loved and I am worthy,
    I am safe and I am free.
    I am powerfully protected.
    I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.
    By Robert Bruce

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    Re: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali....

    No doubt. Awesome!!!

    Old sayings, dharma - what goes up must come down, karma - what comes around has completely gone around.

    In time's like these...God is first one on knees...ultimately union with God is union with God's. Beyond the sound heard is God, but you gotta hear the sound to see it, see it to listen beyond the report. Vibes = Red

    Where hospitality is long absent, in that place has already come to pass the hostility without [yet] a shot fired.
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    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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