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Thread: Kundalini is something you definitely DO NOT WANT.

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    I have nothing to add here.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    ok well i am not going to try and change your mind whether you like it or not, just sharing this:

    cynicism (violet) realises people are fair because justice is good

    cynicism is the ism of the third eye, all isms do is know. in case you wanted a way with those thoughts and feelings of yours, i suggest to realise the ism.
    I have opinions on this but they aren't productive.
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Kundalini is something you definitely DO NOT WANT.

    ok. well here's what i believe:

    knowing is proof of love before during and after something happens. if somebody knows they are being human being and not upset, in time. not only is knowing normal it is also a bit controlling, any fear in others turns into a beautiful or reasonable expression of decency. other isms include perfectionism, materialism, mysticism i have written down plenty. if KNOWING is not going to solve somebody's problems with kundalini, frankly i think that person is a vege.

    cheers, o

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    Re: Kundalini is something you definitely DO NOT WANT.

    Kundalini automatically ( as we have all agreed ) leads invariably to Kundalini Psychosis , at one point or the other .

    surviving that and moving on is the trick to it , I mean , those who deal with it , don't have it easy.

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