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Thread: Global Talisman Project

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    enoch Guest
    It will be subtle - neutral too, if I can manage that. Most preferably fair trade...and handmade.

    It's totally up to the recipient what he/she decides to do with the amulet, as long as it is positive and delicate to the needs of the community.

    There are numerous ways in which to utilise it. I plan to use it in a couple of inspiring rituals, meditation and I may wear it to an event that I know is going to make me very happy! I will probably take a week, then pass it on to AK.L

    I would hope, after a while, that Robert would like to receive for a while, aswell as other respected mediums, spiritualists and mystics around the world. But if we kick-start its journey first, I'm sure we can approach this in good time.

    I'll add you to the list at the top, tony!

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    Air3 Guest
    I'd like to be a part of this too, if I may. I'm a great believer in pooling energy and what it can achieve. In addition to charging the object it would serve as a tool to focus all our positive intent and connect us all in this way.

    I think there would need to be some thought into how to ensure people taking part would take it seriously.


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    enoch Guest
    You're welcome, Air3 - I'll add you to the list.

    You are absolutely right when you mention concern about some who may not take this project seriously. Let's just say that it's built on trust and loyalty. What better way to begin to bestow good karma upon this object. I'm sure that there will be those who would like to cast some protection over the pendant anyhows

    btw, I'm having real trouble choosing something. I'll let you all know as soon as it comes, though.

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    Jun 2005
    Whatever it ends up being, I'd think that making it easy to carry around would be important. A pendant would be convenient because it could be worn around the neck and hidden under clothes. I still don't think that it should be just one talisman or amulet in circulation, because it will spend about half its time in the mail and it will take so long to reach people that there is a chance they will lose interest before it arrives. In other words, I'm thinking about getting another one started also.

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    enoch Guest
    I was hoping you'd say that, Tom. That's a great idea!

    Would you like me to add you to the list at the top?

    Not only is this a great exercise in trust bt it's also a great example of how we can bond through a positive, common cause. Not only will our amulet/talisman (or whatever it may be) become empowered, but each individual who takes part will also share in this empowerment personally.

    We can share our experiences with them, offer them to those who we feel need them in times of worry or attack, and most importantly, establish ouselves as a harmonious group who, individually, may take slightly variable spiritual paths, but can find the time and the notion to come together and create something powerful through adminstering our skills, attitudes and beleifs into one positive whole.

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    Jun 2005
    When I pick an object and get it started I'll post again. It isn't just a matter of getting a pendant and getting it mailed to the next person. I'm going to think of a few things to do to it to get it started in terms of energy. It looks like there are already a few people waiting to get an object and it probably won't matter which one it is, right?

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    What about linking it to AD? For instance, asking (not requiring) everyone who has it to check in at AD and add their name to the list? I was thinking about the possibility of someone who wanted to share it with a good friend before passing it on. I have several friends who don't post at AD who would probably like to be a part of it. That way, it could reach people who aren't a part of AD. Maybe whoever posts at AD (and passed it on to friends) could be responsible to get it back to the next person on the list, even if they've given it to several friends in the interim? It seems like, after awhile, it is going to wave bye bye and go it's own way.

    We did something like this with a large group of friends with a bottle of wine. Everyone was supposed to give it as a gag gift for birthdays, weddings, etc., and sign it with the date and occasion. After about a year, we lost track of it, and no one seemed to know who ended up with it. Kind of sad, because we were going to have a party when the label was full of names and open it. Ah, well, someone out there is having fun with my bottle of wine and wondering who the h... started this crazy idea.

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    enoch Guest
    Sounds good to me, phg. My wife enjoys ritualistic work (wicca derivative mainly), so she'd like to spend some time with it too. That's a good idea - to list names of people and what they specialise in (maybe that's a strong word, but you know what I mean) and what they have given to the pendants over time. Just contemplating receiving one of these and having the opportunity to read about its progress around the world and what each person has put into it will be worthwhile in itself.

    Tom - can I run this by you? How about we get two more names and then we add you to the tenth star, and then you begin to work up the ladder and I'll work down from the top?? Just a suggestion..I don's suppose it's important though.

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    Jun 2005
    Sounds good to me. I'll get something to send along and write a short summary of what I did to it before passing it on. I just need to know where to put the summary after typing it up. It will only take a few days to pick up a pendant and start working with it. The object itself will be the pendant; if people want to wear it on something else I won't complain.

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    enoch Guest
    Great. Just to let everyone know, I've found a little something. It's a fair trade item, hand-crafted by a small team of silversmiths from bali. It contains a topaz gemstone. General topaz qualities are as follows: It balances emotions and gives feelings of joy and is referred to as the spiritual rejuvenation gemstone. I think that's a good start. Plus, I was directed to it (rather coincidentally) by someone whom gives up a lot of his time doing fairtrade PR. I can't think of a better way to introduce this item to us. I'll let everyone know when it has arrived and when I've worked with it and sent it on to AL.

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