I became conscious of myself, and a companion, walking along an underground passage.
The passage was arched, clearly hand-made, with a smooth flat floor.
Shortly the tunnel opened up to become a large cavern, which was a crossing point of four tunnels.
In the centre of the cavern, I found what looked like a large well.
I approached this large hole in the ground, and looked down into it, and saw two small pools which seemed to be carved into the rock. One was about 1m below the level I was standing, about the size of a hand-basin. In it I could see white liquid.
Below this, another 50cm or so, the second pool, or basin, was larger. Big enough for an adult to get into.

As we stood looking at the two basins, inside this large hole in the ground, a group of people came from one of the tunnels. They were officials of some sort.
They approached us and told us that the white liquid was milk, and that it came from the core of the planet and had cleansing properties, but made it clear that the milk-spring was off-limits to visitors.
The group then departed, off down one of the tunnels...

I looked down at the two basins, and the milk in the top basin began to move, looking like there was a current flowing from beneath the surface.
At that moment, a huge ladel materialised on the ground by the edge of the hole.
I took this as permission to utilise the milk-spring and began taking my clothes off.
My companion watched as I lowered my legs over the edge, about to climb down and start ladeling the milk into the lower basin, when the group of officials came rushing back out of the tunnel they'd gone into...
they conferred quietly together, then agreed on something.
One of them spoke to me, giving me permission to bathe in the milk.
I climbed down into the larger lower basin, and began filling it up, using the large ladel.
I scooped up huge spoonfuls of the milk, and saw my feet and lower legs covered by it.

My memory goes blank here.

The next thing I am aware of, is climbing back out of the hole, feeling good, knowing that I've just been cleansed on every level of my being.
My companion and I begin to walk away up one of the tunnels, when I feel a strong urge to go back to the spring.
We go back, and are surprised to see that now the hole isn't simply a hole in the ground with two basins in it.
Now, there is a set of stairs leading down past the basins, to another set of tunnels that lead off into deeper realms of the unknown.
Excited, I head down to see where they might lead me...

I wake.