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    Heart-Energy healing?...

    So the past few days have been rather interesting.
    Since this experience - - I've been noticing a development in my awareness of loving energy emanating from my heart.
    I've been practicing sending love and gratitude directly to all the water I drink, visualising pure divine energy flowing into me when I drink it, for the past month or so...
    Since the cleansing experience a few days ago, when I've been blessing my water, I've become acutely aware of this loving energy, coming from my heart, flowing outwards into my energy field, and upwards towards and thru my crown centre.
    It's lovely.
    And then yesterday I was facilitating an energy healing session for a friend... I started off channeling Reiki, as I usually would, then I received a nudge from within, suggesting i try simply allowing the intention/feeling of love and gratitude to flow thru me...
    As I allowed this, my inner vision filled with an ethereal pink colour, so i just allowed this pink energy to flow...
    As i continues the session, other positive feelings and intentions flowed into my mind, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness.. each one accompanied by a colour immediately after the idea of the word formed in my mind..
    At times i was observing multiple colours shimmering thru each other like Aurora, flowing thru my field and into my friend's.
    I opened my eyes for a moment to see the most serene look on here face, reflecting what I was feeling inside...
    By the end of the session i was utterly blissed out, the 20 min walk home took at least an hour to complete.
    Last night I had the most wonderful sleep I've had in a long time, and this morning I awoke feeling absolutely amazing.
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    Re: Heart-Energy healing?...

    Wonderful. The best energy healing comes from the heart, literally.

    Just wondering, do you still do Reconnective Healing, too?
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    Re: Heart-Energy healing?...

    watery kundalini

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    Re: Heart-Energy healing?...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    Wonderful. The best energy healing comes from the heart, literally.

    Just wondering, do you still do Reconnective Healing, too?

    Yeah i do still do that, though tbh I rarely do it on it's own. I've found a combination of channeling Reiki/Divine healing energies, and Reconnective healing to be rather potent.
    I'm sure Eric Pearl would say I'm diluting it's potential by not using it exclusively, but I've had such powerful results in the past when working in tandem with a Reiki practitioner (she utilising Reiki, and I Reconnective healing, at the same time) that I just moved forward from there doing sessions using both modalities...

    It's becoming increasingly difficult to really say which energies are being utilised in my healing sessions these days...
    Often I'm simply stepping out the way and allowing my inner guidance to do whatever feels appropriate. Those are the times I learn the most.
    A while back I found myself constructing Golden geometric structures around/in a woman's heart chakra.
    i had no idea where this knowledge was coming from, or what it was doing for her, but it felt/looked wonderful, and afterwards she reported very positive changes...
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    Re: Heart-Energy healing?...

    That's great. I know other Reconnective Healers who also do this. They use energy and do not know where it comes from.

    Whatever works is right. Healing from the heart always seems right anyway.

    I am also a RH healer but also intend to do it from my Higher Self and I assume that the higher intelligence knows best which 'kind of energy' it can use for the person to be helped. Maybe there is not much difference anyway.
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    Re: Heart-Energy healing?...

    Yeah i usually ask my highest aspect, and that of the client, to jump in and get involved in whatever way is appropriate...

    Interestingly, I'm now noticing another change - the RH field has again become finer/more subtle, and wider/greater (not sure of the right words to describe it). Basically the are around my hands in which i feel it, has increased.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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