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Thread: Using fear as a lucidity trigger.

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    Using fear as a lucidity trigger.

    So, from time to time I'll find myself in a dream, stuck in a fearful state...
    For example, stuck up super high at the top of a building, unable to climb down, paralysed by fear.
    A while back, I realised that this kind of terror doesn't ever take place in my waking life, so it could potentially be used as a trigger mechanism in the dreamstate.
    So that's what's been happening lately.
    I'll find myself stuck, then my rational mind recognises the un-natural state it's having to try to navigate, and full lucidity kicks in.

    A couple of nights ago I took this to a new level, when, stuck up at the top of a church steeple, I not only gained full lucidity, but turned the entire dream landscape into a giant multi-coloured spinning vortex, which I promptly dived down into...
    hurtling through and into a whole new astral landscape.
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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    Re: Using fear as a lucidity trigger.

    Thanks for the idea!
    I frequently have dreams about being stuck at high places, mostly broken staircases in industrial locations.
    I'll have to test it next time I have such dream

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