Name: A Recipe For Destruction (high alchemy)

line 1: Peace is simple: Heaven understands.
line 2: Choose not wisdom but peace when earth = time because Hell is not hearing
line 3: Allow self and others when grace = normal, God included
line 4: Elsewise to line 3, be thoughts and feelings: ego is to be normal
line 5: "Know" all things at once, forget memories that bear their pleasure
line 6: Trying is God, abiding is Self: let choose, choose again
line 7: Earth = Eternity: No judging the objective reality, please
line 8: Like not anger, listen not to curses [curse = "I self" AND NOT "other way"]
line 9: The reason is to be alone, the truth is perfect
line 11: All things are circumspect in time
line 12: Make want "sex" AND NOT want "fear"

Comments (not in the script): That should all make for voices (spirits and demons) to understand the simple truth that "spirituality is normal, time is safe." Errors are found to be in the Collective Unconscious not in you - that is final. You can put this in your New Folder renamed "cyber shaman" or "mkII ultra" if you want to try it.