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Thread: loosing teeth dream

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    loosing teeth dream

    I don't normally dream but this morning I dreamed my upper front teeth is loosing.
    I try to search google about what's is that meaning.I saw some dream meaning related to the job.
    I am thinking about changing new job but not yet decided to leave current job.
    I am not happy with my current job but the salary is better than the new job I am going to join.I am thinking of quitting my current job in December and join to new job but I can't decided yet.
    If the dream is related to my job situation what is that really mean?
    Should I stick with my current job or should I change new job?

    Thank you and sorry about my english

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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    I have a book about it it say about loosing teeths..."are you wasting your energy"?..."teeths stand for determined decessions"...loosing teeths can also stand to become more mature.....

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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    I used to have that dream constantly. It was very disturbing. To be honest. I never fully understood what it meant, but I think it had to do with being toothless, i.e., having no power.

    In my case, though, I actually did end up losing several teeth, so it may have been more direct than symbolic.
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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    i get tooth fall out dreams every so often. then i grow new teeth but i never get the hint that it's not real or realize that i am dreaming and convert it into a lucid dream
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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    I sometimes have this dream too. Are you guys in pain when the teeth are falling out btw? It never feels painful in my dreams.

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    Re: loosing teeth dream

    I've had more realistic dreams in which there is pain (which to me is a memory from as children, out teeth fall out) and other times no pain, showing me it's a symbol of fear. I'm happy to say I haven't had one of those in a long time.
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