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Thread: Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

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    Question Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

    Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

    I have made the 3rd eye strobe with the accelerated throbbing sensation, flash of light etc. as described in your books.

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    Re: Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

    Hi D.O,

    That is a great question. I have wondered about that myself. I hope Robert does comment on this question soon. I also found it much easier to strobe the brow chakra than the base chakra...
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    Re: Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

    The reason for this, as I point out in my Raising Kundalini program, and other works, is the nature of our complex society. Humans are super busy and bombarded with information continually. Cell phones, computers, music, TV, high pressure jobs, books, magazines, movies, etc., etc. We live in a very busy world. The end result is lifelong over-stimulation of the brow Chakra (third eye). This results in people, by and large, being generally ungrounded.

    This situation is contributed to by modern spiritual development advice that tends to focus on stimulating the higher Chakras, particularly the brow Chakra. The reason for this is that modern methods, by and large, have their roots in spiritual practices from thousands of years ago.

    Thousands of years ago, everyone lived quiet agricultural-based lives, especially monks. It was peaceful and everyone was very grounded...and the lower Chakras were healthy and active. But they were so grounded that their higher Chakras were dormant. This necessitated using methods to stimulate the higher Chakras in order to get widespread whole body Chakra activation of the level necessary to produce higher levels of energy and Chakra activity.

    The reverse applies today. This is why I recommend that people spend a lot more time working on the lower Chakras, to produce and or restore balance to the Chakra system.

    If you look into Eastern spiritual development literature, you'll see advice everywhere to focus on the base Chakra first and foremost. The elephant is used to represent this for a reason. Strong, grounded, balanced, etc. But modern human nature wants to go go go and get things done as soon as possible. The end result of this general approach, reflected in contemporary books, is that work on the lower Chakras is kinda glossed over and people focus most of their effort on the higher things.

    A good analogy to this would be to look at the integrity of a skyscraper building with poor and quickly made foundations. Not very solid and durable. A recipe for future disaster.

    This issue is major and widespread. It is also the reason why activating higher Chakras generally causes so much mental and emotional instability.

    As it is said in early literature on the subject of spiritual, psychic, metaphysical development... If the early work is poorly done, years later students will hit brick walls and be able to go no further. Then they will have to go back and do it all over again...being more thorough.

    This is also human nature... who wants to have to spend ten or twenty years or more working on something when there are shortcuts available... Free will and all that...

    peace, robert

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    Re: Why is it easier to make the 3rd eye strobe than the perineum strobe?

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your excellent and detailed reply, that makes a lot of sense.

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