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Thread: Michael channelled

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    Re: Michael channelled

    people achieve effortlessly when they know the truth about wisdom: it's friendly.
    people succeed outright when they understand the significance of truth: it is final.
    failure is a choice, in fact is the choice NOT to fear: it's 50/50.

    ... and the rest is fun.
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    Re: Michael channelled

    angel people

    the going theory on the divine is that all people were innocent when they were born so all people were innocent when they are saved. the theory doesn't work where sin has been honest! evidently the species decided at some point that there is such a thing as an honest sin and it's not about to change it's mind... THAT theory is called gnosis. gnosis chooses to overpower the sin. anybody who has been sinned against honestly is NOT going be able to accept that "it was actually just a blessing." so angels only work for/with people that are new to god. people that are more wise experientially know better than everyone - and they know it. it's not about lying to yourself!

    granted that, i do accept that most sins are blessings once you heal them. that much is fun. i am just saying, i don't stand for all of it. olyris

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    Re: Michael channelled

    religion has an answer to science (god), science has an answer to religion (god) -> of course, that means god is a "double-edged sword."

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