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Thread: Michael channelled

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    Re: Michael channelled

    people achieve effortlessly when they know the truth about wisdom: it's friendly.
    people succeed outright when they understand the significance of truth: it is final.
    failure is a choice, in fact is the choice NOT to fear: it's 50/50.

    ... and the rest is fun.
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    Re: Michael channelled

    angel people

    the going theory on the divine is that all people were innocent when they were born so all people were innocent when they are saved. the theory doesn't work where sin has been honest! evidently the species decided at some point that there is such a thing as an honest sin and it's not about to change it's mind... THAT theory is called gnosis. gnosis chooses to overpower the sin. anybody who has been sinned against honestly is NOT going be able to accept that "it was actually just a blessing." so angels only work for/with people that are new to god. people that are more wise experientially know better than everyone - and they know it. it's not about lying to yourself!

    granted that, i do accept that most sins are blessings once you heal them. that much is fun. i am just saying, i don't stand for all of it. olyris

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    Re: Michael channelled

    religion has an answer to science (god), science has an answer to religion (god) -> of course, that means god is a "double-edged sword."

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    Re: Michael channelled

    I found this thread a curious case of "It's a type of person that responds in favour of self" - a warrior of some sort or form. A questor, if you buy it. Naturally, that makes me one of those first, not the channel me.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    religion has an answer to science (god), science has an answer to religion (god) -> of course, that means god is a "double-edged sword."

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    Re: news from arcadia

    I will derive this to rote:

    The first thing that occurs to second nature is nature, and so you will proceed. More than enough has been mentioned about the life of Christ, and it is suffice. You, yourself, are going to do something for the world as well. Being beautiful or being strong. That notorious grey zone is called "insanity." Thus it works to chance intelligence AND NOT otherhood. A belief in angel's is limited but final - a pure thought.

    What is the difference, beauty to strength? To want one thing or to want all things.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Just releasing some old negativity, here have it:

    - there is a reason or cost for knowledge... it is humanity... only thing they agree upon is the law... only thing earth (god) agrees apon is the divine...
    ---> divinity or the law? divine law: beautiful people know the truth AND that is power
    ---> WARS, are beautiful people LOSING the truth... 50% chance of death, one way or another...
    -------> including by stroke

    - teaching is learning death backwards. put it this way: you don't die you just learn other people's lessons!
    ---> ie a duty to preserve the memory of earth. school did it anyway, so nobody shall be forced to teach (by a duty)

    - the reason for the church is fun, currently. that's the default. all will be default in it's name, then.
    ----> not killing innocent men, sparing them their ego's in fact!
    ----> priests without egos... unfortunately, not a real god. [only innocence knows how to pray]
    --------> satan... is a christian.

    - CRIME, accepts all of the above. divides and conquers who it see's to be KNOWLEDGEABLE.
    ----> beauty goes up, ugly goes down
    ----> criminals stay level with jesus -> and that's the way god wants it. fact of matter.

    There were no angel's channeled in writing this.
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    Re: Michael channelled

    Truth: Ask for angel Haniel to clear the attitude of strength

    Everybody has the core understanding that life is perfect. - olyris.
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    These theoretically are under "The God" - Aum - and theoretically you are a new kind of being, now...

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    - satanic (work with respect)
    - christian (work with truth)

    - cheeky devils (like wisdom)
    - horny devils (like austerity)

    - pigmys (know independence)
    - zombies (know individuality)

    - pirates (give wrong: don't buy them)
    - vampires (take wrong: don't sell them)

    - legions of michael (will power)
    - luciferian (will light)

    DAKINI (the black angels)
    - fighters (understand peace)
    - runners (understand war)

    FAIRIES (the fair angels)
    - hero(in)es (realise god)
    - villains (realise goddess)

    EL OHIM (the god ones)
    - original (win logic)
    - ab-original (win intuition)

    - elves inc. trolls, kenders, etc (remember fun)
    - gnomes inc. gargoyles, salamanders, etc (remember truth)
    This is one of the more important and/or famous religious discoveries in that a myth beholds the cosmic, and the cosmic beholds your purpose. ​Manifest!

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    Re: Michael channelled

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Dear human,

    We invite you to understand the significance of your birth drama... and the reality that it begat. Before you were born, you understood two things. First, the truth about parents - they don't need children. Second, the truth about children, they only need parents. Terrible as that may sound we know it works here on Earth. To try to derive anything from this is only to say: You are learning how to breathe. Breathe? Yes, literally your womb was not letting you breathe. Then you breathed with your folks, then you must find air out in the world. It always goes such as "I want people to need me too."

    The world is not about your selfish needs, however. You understand that. Everybody will help you to live and learn to a certain extent - in fact, in that is absolutely all they do. People do want a calling, as soon as this fact is realised. The better you are at sex, the less your calling will be that. If you are sloppy egotist you could end up chasing along the lines that glory follows, for example. The truth is, you want more of your negative side to express love. That is because the negative holds the key to the positive. Making sense here is about allowing other people their negative to heal, according to the New Age itself. Allowing yourself that is the beautiful transformation you seek.

    The transformation of a soul occurs thusly:
    1) Make sense of your family
    2) Find solace in God (whatever you conceive that to mean to you)
    3) Raise your vibration to joy, and
    4) Never forget the lesssons you've learned - they are your fun!

    Step by step, one is breathing lighter and lighter. Their age is decreasing metaphysically. This is called chrysalis. One thing to add: Those who want more breath get less. You must focus on the negative.

    Good luck,
    Michael et al.
    Dearest humanity,

    You have understood yourself to be part of a schema that is global and galactic, and brought yourselves to a point of understanding of what is to be permanent. Let me allow this - light is permanent. When the light dies, permanency is the truth that it has left you with! Now, what can be said about the great charade that is power in this world? Literally, choose your own. Picture a brighter internal axis, cosmic revelations must follow. Mediate on what is before you, and it is all NEW. Nobody told the truth to leave. Not me, not you.

    The work of unconscious deliverance is never attained, hence choose the power in self. What is called self can never create harm and soforth to bring the truth to this planet is healthy.

    Michael and co.

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    Re: Michael channelled

    request delete me post here delete please me
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    Re: Michael channelled

    I have found that an epiphany (self in reality) is followed by a revelation, or many (humanity in self). I do believe the time is now, for whatever follows.

    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy View Post

    Cut loose and do Your's 'out of topic experiences' ... Angel Person .. I dig 'it'... relax and give way to You.

    Angel person is a misnomer, you need to be godded. Meanwhile, I have found terms to accept that the species and every other thrive on competition but that is on a higher level. Doing this jovial thing leads to a clear basement, if you can picture a happy species and sun out there! Note: I never wanted to believe angel's are real, to do what might be the c0r0n* virus is not allayed. Always, I advise, listen to your voices (spirits and selves) as though they are unmanifest love (futures), not like they are right here right now, in person. Innocence, does not credit its presence to any other thing... "Angel Authority."

    The demons of our past, by the way, are called demons. Yes, angels are in the future...
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