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    Nice to meet you , everything I will tell yyou and will ever tell you is true experience no exaggeration or any crap , I've experienced both out of this world and spiritual , I have helped people with spiritual issues ,the way I do things and react is like a reflex of some sort , I've done things like command demonic entitys and poltergeists out of people / houses , they've threatened me but I felt no emotion from it etc and I'd simply say " no you won't " and the entity would then agree with me , as if I were influencing , when I asked why I couldn't be possessed they'd say I'm hardheaded, I have more experiences but I'll go slowly

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    Hello, welcome to the forum from just° one of the "guys". Love, Reign O'er ! Me !
    Of the end the beginning•In the beginning Our Self.

    "I can tell you,when people cling to bitterness,there is nothing you can do about it,because it's how they define their power.If he [they] can learn to get power from joy, good-" ~ CFTraveler

    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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    Welcome to the forums, LoveReigns. I hope you enjoy it here.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    I'm possessed. Can you command the demons out of me? Many have tried and failed.


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